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Divine Liturgies
Liturgies represent a school to the people, opening its doors to the children through its simplicity, and to the theologians through its depth.
24 albums
Hymns represent a valuable inheritance, which dates back to the apostolic age unchanged.
9 albums
Vespers, Matins, and Midnight Praises
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"Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you" (Matt 28:19).
6 albums
"I will praise the Lord according to His righteousness, And will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High" (Psalm 7:17).
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Today's Top Downloads

1. Verses of Cymbals
    Holy Week Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
2. 2nd Gospel Response - مرد الإنجيل الثاني
    Palm Sunday Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
3. The Seven Tunes - السبع طرائق
    The Feast of the Nativity - Ibrahim Ayad
4. Ke eperto
    Holy Week Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
5. Pekethronos
    Holy Week Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
6. Omonogenees
    Holy Week Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
7. Vespers of Cymbals - أرباع الناقوس
    Palm Sunday Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
8. 6th Hour Psalm and 1st Gospel - Arabic
    Good Friday 1984 - Live Recording - Cathedral Chorus Led by Ibrahim Ayad
9. 1st Gospel Response - Front of the Altar - الإنجيل الأول - أمام المذبح
    Palm Sunday Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
10. 3rd Gospel Response - Annunciation Icon - الإنجيل الثالث - أيقونة البشارة
    Palm Sunday Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad


What's New

Minor Feast Hymns - Cantor Gad Lewis
Minor Feast Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
Annual Midnight Praise (Sunday Evening) - Abou Fam Chorus
HICS - Poland September 2019 - Higher Institute of Coptic Studies (HICS)
Liturgy of St. Cyril - Great Lent 1992 - Fr. Sawirus Markos


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