Aspasmos Watos - 2nd Week :: Pi`aggeloc e;ouab Gabriyl :: اسبسموس واطس للاسبوع الثاني

Kiahk - Liturgy & Vespers

Ibrahim Ayad


Gabriel the holy Angel, announced to the Virgin, and after the greeting, he strengthened her saying.

Pi`aggeloc e;ouab [email protected] afhisennoufi `n]Par;[email protected] menenca pi`acpacmoc aftajro `mmoc qen pefcaji.

الملاك المقدس غبريال بشَّر العذراء وبعد السلام قوَّها بقوله:

"Do not be afraid Mary, for you have found favor with God, behold you will conceive, and bring forth a Son."

Je `mpererho] [email protected] `arejimi gar `nou`[email protected] qaten V] hyppe gar tera`[email protected] ouoh `ntemici `nouSyri.

لا تخافي يا مريم لأنك وجدت نعمة عند الله. ها ستحبلين وتلدين ابناً.

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia the begotten of the Father before all ages. Save us and have mercy upon us.

Allylouia =a=l [email protected] pimici `ebol qen `Viwt qajwou `nni `e`wn [email protected] cw] `mmon ouoh nai nan.

هلليلويا هلليلويا هلليلويا المولود من الآب قبل كل الدهور خلصنا وارحمنا.