8th of the Egyptian :: `Areten;wn] `e]mouki :: الثامن من المصري

Kiahk Vespers Praises

Cantor Gad Lewis


You were likened to the ladder, which Jacob the patriarch, saw on earth, and God sitting upon it.

`Areten;wn] `e][email protected] ;y`eta Iakwb pipatriar,[email protected] nau `eroc hijen [email protected] `are V] hemci hijwc.

تشبهت بالسلم، الذي راه يعقوب، رئيس الاباء علي الارض، والرب جالس عليه.

You were likened to the ladder, that is firm on the ark, and the angels of the high places, praise it with the hosts.

`Areten;wn] `e][email protected] ef`ohi qen pi`otere`[email protected] ni`aggeloc `nte `p[[email protected] hwc `erof nem nitagma.

تشبهت بالسلم، الثابت في الفلك، وملائكة العلو، تسبحه مع الطغمات.

You were likened to the ladder, which carries the true Lord of glory, He is the Highest King, the Son of the great glory.

`Areten;wn] `e][email protected] `etacfai qa P=o=c `nte `p`[email protected] `aly;wc `n;of pe `pOuro et[[email protected] `pSyri va pinis] `n`wou.

تشبهت بالسلم، الحامل رب المجد، الحقيقي هو الملك المتعالي، الابن صاحب المجد العظيم.

You were likened to the ladder, and the feared Lord on it, (and purified us with --- when He came), and dwelled in your womb.

`Areten;wn] `e][email protected] `ere P=o=c hijwc qen ouho]@ aftoubo `mmon qen ou`[[email protected] qen `pjin`;ref`i qen teneji.

تشبهت بالسلم، والرب عليه مخوف، وطهرنا باليمامة، عندما أتي وصار في بطنك.

You were likened to the ladder, (that is descending from heaven, and became the Lord of heaven and earth, sitting on His heaven.)

`Areten;wn] `e][email protected] etcapecyt `e`hryi `ebolqen `[email protected] `are P=o=c `nte `tve nem `[email protected] hemci hijen tefve.

تشبهت بالسلم، النازل من السماء، وصار رب السماء والارض، جالساً علي سمائه.

For that we praise God, who was incarnate of you, and became a man like us, except for sin.

E;be vai tenhwc `eV]@ vy`etaf[icarx `ebol `nqy]@ af`errwmi `mpenry]@ saten `vnobi `mmauatf.

فلهذا نسبح الله، الذي تجسد منك، وصار انسانا مثلنا، ما خلا الخطية.