4th of the Moakap :: Decpota PiReferhemi :: الرابع من المعقب

Kiahk Vespers Praises

Cantor Gad Lewis


O Master and Provider, You are full of knowledge, of the weakness of mankind, for You have created me.

Decpota [email protected] `n;ok gar pe vy`[email protected] `e]metjwb `nte ][email protected] je `n;ok ak;amioi.

أيها السيد المدبر، أنت تعرف، بضعف البشرية، لأنك انت خلقتني.

For You have created me, and You know me, I entreat You to hear me, be unto me a help.

Je `n;ok ak;[email protected] ouoh `kcwoun `[email protected] ]twbh `mmok cwtem `[email protected] ma`h;yk `etaboy;ia.

لأنك انت خلقتني، وتعرفني، اطلب اليك اسمعني، وأصغ لمعونتي.

Be unto me a help, forgive me my iniquities, for the sake of the unblemished lamb, Mary the Theotokos.

Ma`h;yk `etaboy;[email protected] ,w nyi `ebol `nna`[email protected] e;be ]hiebi `n`[email protected] Maria ];eotokoc.

وأصغ لمعونتي، واغفر لي اثامي، من اجل النعجة التي بلا شر، مريم والدة الاله.

Mary the Theotokos, from the root and descendants, of David the psalmist, the place of purity.

Maria ];[email protected] ]nouni nem [email protected] `nte Dauid [email protected] `vmanswpi `nte pitoubo.

مريم والدة الاله، اصل وجنس، داود المرتل، مسكن الطهارة.

The place of purity, and the mother of the Creator, our God humbled Himself, and took the form of a servant.

`Vmanswpi `nte [email protected] nem `;mau `mpiRef;[email protected] penNou] `etaf;[email protected] af[i `noumorvy `mbwk.

مسكن الطهارة، وام الخالق، الهنا الذي اتضع، وأخذ شكل العبد.

And accepted the form of a servant, to save His servants, Adam and those who were in slavery, He saved them according to His mercy.

Af[i `noumorvy `[email protected] sa `ntefcw] `[email protected] `Adam nem ny`etoi `[email protected] kata pefnai afnohem `mmwou.

وأخذ شكل العبد، حتي خلص عبده، آدم والمستعبدين، كرحمته خلصهم.

He saved them according to His mercy, from bitter slavery, from the one who had made himself master over them, through the deceit of the serpent.

Kata pefnai afnohem `[email protected] `ebolha ]metbwk [email protected] `mvy`etaf`er=o=c [email protected] e;be `pco[ni `mpihof.

كرحمته خلصهم، من العبودية الرديئة، التي لمن قد ساد عليهم، من أجل مشورة الحية.

Through the deceit of the serpent, the first Adam fell, and through Mary was restored again, to his authority.

E;be `pco[ni `[email protected] `Adam pisorp afhiou`i `[email protected] e;be Maria autac;[email protected] `etef`ar,y `nkecop.

من أجل مشورة الحية، آدم الاول قد سقط، ومن أجل مريم قد رجع الي رئاسته دفعة أخري.

We glorify you O faithful one, who carried the Word of the Father, "Hail to you O full of grace, the Lord is with you."

Ten]`wou ne `w ;y`[email protected] etfai qa piLogoc `nte `[email protected] je ,ere ;y`e;meh `n`[email protected] ouoh P=o=c sop neme.

نمجدك أيتها الأمينة، الحاملة كلمة الآب قائلين، إفرحي يا ممتلئة نعمة، الرب معك.