2nd of the Roumi :: AV] ouwrp `mpef`mmauatf :: الثاني من الرومي

Kiahk Vespers Praises - I

Cantor Farag Abdelmessih


God has sent His only-begotten, the Word from above, to give salvation through Him, to the earthily world.

AV] ouwrp `mpef`[email protected] `nLogoc ek ton `[email protected] `ntef] `m`vnohem `[email protected] ic ton kocmon `nkatogeoc.

الله أرسل وحيده الكلمة من العلو. ليعطي النجاة للعالم الأرضي من قبله.

When He became happy, he sent the Spirit, as He wished, he overshadowed His world.

`Eswp`afsan`[email protected] ke `exapectilen to `[email protected] `w cautwc `y;[email protected] af`erqyibi `epef`ckunoma.

إذ قد سر وأرسل الروح كما أراد وظلل مسكنه.

Because of the incarnation of His Son, who was born but not created, whom all the prophets spoke, through His glorified name.

E;be `pjin[icarx `mP[email protected] `o gennytoc [email protected] `eta ni`provytyc tyrou [email protected] `epefran dedoxazwmenoc.

من أجل تجسد ابنه المولود الغير المخلوق الذي كل الأنبياء أخبروا باسمه الممجد.

Likewise we preach also, by His eternal glory, and we are elated, by His mother the wise Virgin.

Pairy] ten`[email protected] qen pefdoxic `eti [email protected] ouoh ten`[email protected] `ntefmau `ncaby `mPar;enoc.

كذلك نبشر أيضاً بمجده دائماً ونغبط امه العذراء الحكيمة.

And we all say, without excuse or hindrance, "We send unto you greeting, with Gabriel the Archangel."

Ke `ipwmen aneu [email protected] ke `anempodictoc `[email protected] ten] ne `mpi,[email protected] nem Gabriyl pi`ar,y`aggelwn.

ونقول كلنا بغير عذر ولا مانع. نعطيك السلام مع غبريال رئيس الملائكة.

O you who gave birth to the Lover of mankind, in her proud womb, for through your fruit, salvation came to our race.

`W ;y`etacmec vilan`;[email protected] qen teckoiliac kau,[email protected] je `ebol hiten [email protected] `a pioujai tahe pengenoc.

يا التي ولدت محب البشر من حشاها المفتخر لأن من قبل ثمرتك قد ادرك الخلاص جنسنا.

We glorify you O blessed one, until the last breath saying, "You have found favor before, your God the Son of God."

Ten]`wou ne `w ;y`[email protected] sa pinifi `nte [email protected] je arejimi gar `nou`[email protected] qaten peNou] Uioc :eoc.

نمجدك أيتها المباركة، إلى النفس الأخير، لأنك وجدت نعمة، عند إلهك ابن الله.