The Tenth Part - Teoi Enhekanos :: }mahmy] - Teoi `nhikanoc :: القطعة العاشرة - تي اوي إنهيكانوس

Midnight Praises - 5

Ibrahim Ayad


You are more worthy, than all of the saints, to ask on our behalf, O full of grace.

Teoi `[email protected] `ehote nye;ouab [email protected] e;retwbh `[email protected] `w ;ye;meh `n`hmot.

أنتِ مستحقة، أكثر من جميع القديسين، أن تطلبي عنا، أيتها الممتلئة نعمة.

+ You are exalted, more than the patriarchs, and honored more, than the prophets.

+ Te[oci `[email protected] `ehote nipatriar,[email protected] ouoh [email protected] `ehote ni`provytyc.

+ أنتِ مرتفعة جداً، أكثر من رؤساء الآباء، ومكرمة أفضل، من الأنبياء.

And you have a seeking, more special, than the Cherubim, and the Seraphim.

Ouon te [email protected] qen [email protected] `ehote Ni,[email protected] nem Niceravim.

ولك سعيً، بدالة، أكثر من الشاروبيم، والسيرافيم.

+ For you are truly, the pride of our race, and the intercessor, of our souls.

+ `N;o gar `aly;[email protected] pe `psousou `[email protected] ouoh ]`[email protected] `nte nen'u,y.

+ لأنكِ أنتِ بالحقيقة، فخر جنسنا، وشفيعة، نفوسنا.

Intercede for us, before our Savior, that He may keep us firm, in the upright faith.

`Ari`precbeuin `[email protected] nahren [email protected] hopwc `[email protected] qen pinah] etcoutwn.

إشفعي فينا، أمام مخلصنا، لكي يثبتنا، في الإيمان المستقيم.

+ That He may grant us, the forgiveness of our sins, in order to win mercy, through your intercessions.

+ `Ntefer`hmot [email protected] `mpi,w `ebol `nte [email protected] `ntensasni [email protected] hiten ne`precbia.

+ وينعم لنا، بمغفرة خطايانا، لنفوز برحمةٍ، بشفاعاتِك.

The Eleventh Part:

القطعة الحادية عشر:

All the high names, of the incorporeal, thousands of angels, and archangels.

Ran niben et[[email protected] `nte ni`[email protected] ni`ana `nso `[email protected] nem ar,yaggeloc.

كل الأسماء العالية، التي لغير المتجسدين، ألوف الملائكة، ورؤساء الملائكة.

+ They did not attain, your high blessedness, O who is clothed in, the glory of the Lord of hosts.

+ `Mpo`svoh `e`p[[email protected] `nte [email protected] `w ;yetjolh `mpi`[email protected] `nte `P[oic cabaw;.

+ لم يبلغوا، عظمة طوباوياتِك، أيتها المشتملة، بمجد رب الجنود.

You are more brighter, than the sun, and more sparkling, than the Cherubim.

Tehiaktin `[email protected] `ehote `[email protected] teoi `nlam`[email protected] `ehote Ni,eroubim.

أنتِ مضيئة، أكثر من الشمس، ولامعة أكثر، من الشاروبيم.

+ And the Seraphim, with the six wings, which are joyfully, hovering over you.

+ Nem [email protected] na picoou `[email protected] ceerripizin [email protected] qen ou`e`slylou`i.

+ والسيرافيم، ذوى الستة الأجنحة، يرفرف عليكِ، بتهليل.

The Twelfth Part:


القطعة الثانية عشر:

Your glory O Mary, is higher than the heaven, you are more honored than the earth, and its inhabitants.

Pe`wou [email protected] [oci `ehote `[email protected] tetaiyout `e`[email protected] nem nyetsop `nqytf.

مجدِك يا مريم، أرفع من السماء، وأنت أكرم من الأرض، وسكانها.

+ For you are truly, the real path, leading up, to the heavens.

+ `N;o gar `aly;[email protected] te ]`ctrata `[email protected] etoi `mma`[email protected] `e`pswi `enivyou`i.

+ لأنكِ أنتِ بالحقيقة، الطريق الحقيقي، المؤدي، إلى السموات.

You are clothed, with joy and gladness, and girdled with power, O daughter of Zion.

`Are]hiw]@ `m`vrasi nem `p;[email protected] `aremor] `[email protected] `w `tseri `nCiwn.

لبسِت الفرح، والتهليل، وتمنطقتِ بالقوة، يا إبنة صهيون.

+ O who was clothed, with the garments of the heavenly, so that you covered Adam, with the garments of grace.

+ `W ;y`etac][email protected] `n`thebcw `nna nivyou`[email protected] sa `ntechwbc `n`[email protected] `n`thebcw `mpi`hmot.

+ يا مَنْ لبسِت، لباس السمائيين، حتى سترتِ آدم، بلباس النعمة.

And restored him again, to the Paradise, the rejoicing place, and dwelling of the righteous.

`Aretac;of `[email protected] `[email protected] `ptopoc `m`[email protected] `vma `nswpi `nnidikeoc.

ورددته مرة أخري، إلى الفردوس، موضع الفرح، ومسكن الصديقين.

The Thirteenth Part:


القطعة الثالثة عشر:

+ A true tabernacle, is Mary the Virgin, placed in its midst, the true testimonies.

+ Ou`ckyny `[email protected] te Maria }par;[email protected] eu,y qen tecmy]@ `nje nimetme;reu `etenhot.

+ قبة حقيقية، هي مريم العذراء، موضوع في وسطها، الشهادات الصادقة.

The undefiled ark, overlaid roundabout with gold, and the mercy seat, of the Cherubim.

}kibwtoc `nat;[email protected] etosj `nnoub `ncaca [email protected] nem pi`[email protected] `n,eroubimikon.

التابوت الغير الدنس، المصَّفح بالذهب، من كل ناحية، والغطاء الكاروبي.

+ The golden vessel, where the manna was hidden, behold the Word of the Father, came and took flesh from you.

+ Pi`ctamnoc `[email protected] `ere pimanna hyp `[email protected] ic Pilogoc `nte `[email protected] `i af[icarx `nqy].

+ القسط الذهبي، المخفي فيه المَنَّ، هوذا كلمة الآب، أتى وتجسد منكِ.

The golden lampstand, carrying the true Light, who is the unapproachable, Light of the world.

}lu,nia `[email protected] etfai qa Piouwini `[email protected] `ete `Vouwini `[email protected] piat`sqwnt `erof.

المنارة الذهبية، الحاملة النور الحقيقي، الذي هو نور العالم، الذي لا يُدنى منه.

+ The golden censer, carrying the live coal, and the chosen incense, with a rich aroma.

+ }soury `[email protected] etfai qa pijebc `n`,[email protected] nem pi`c;oinoufi [email protected] `n`arwmata.

+ المجمرة الذهبية، الحاملة جمر النار، والبخور المختار، العنبري.

The rod of Aaron, that blossomed, and the holy flower, of the incense.

Pi`sbwt `nte `A`[email protected] `etafviri `[email protected] nem ]`hryri e;[email protected] `nte pi`c;oinoufi.

عصا هارون، التي أزهرت، والزهرة المقدسة، التي للبخور.

+ All these together, direct us to, the miraculous Birth, O Virgin Mary.

+ Nai tyrou [email protected] ceercummenin [email protected] `mPijinmici `n`[email protected] `w Maria }par;enoc.

+ هذة جميعها معاً، تدُلنا على، ولادتك العجيبة، يا مريم العذراء.

The Fourteenth Part:

القطعة الرابعة عشر:

You decorated our souls, O Moses the prophet, by the honor of the tabernacle, which you have adorned.

Akcolcel `nnen'u,[email protected] `w Mw`ucyc pi`[email protected] qen `ptaio `n]`[email protected] `etakcelcwlc `ebol.

زينت نفوسنا، يا موسى النبي، بكرامة القبة، التي زينتها.

+ The first tabernacle, which Moses had made, was the place of the forgiveness, for the children of Israel.

+ }`ckyny `nhoui]@ `eta Mw`ucyc ;[email protected] `nouma `n,anobi `[email protected] `nte nensyri `mPicrayl.

+ القبه الأولى، التي صنعها موسى، موضع مغفرة خطايا، بني إسرائيل.

He made it with glory, as commanded by the Lord, and according to the patterns, shown unto him.

Af;amioc qen ou`[email protected] kata `pcaji `m`P[[email protected] nem kata nitupoc [email protected] `etaftamof `erwou.

صنعها بمجد، كقول الرب، وكجميع المُثل، التي أعلمه بها.

+ There was an ark, in the tabernacle, overlaid with gold, from within and without.

+ Ouon [email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] eclalyout `[email protected] caqoun nem cabol.

+ كان في القبة، تابوت مصَّفح، بالذهب من داخل، ومن خارج.

There was a mercy seat, in the tabernacle, and the golden Cherubim, overshadowed it.

Ouon ou`[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] han<eroubim `[email protected] ceerqyibi `ejwf.

كان في القبة، غطاء وكاروبا، ذهب، يظللان عليه.

+ There was a golden pot, in the tabernacle, and a measure of the manna, was hidden in it.

+ Ouon ou`ctamnoc `[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] `ere ousi `mmanna [email protected] `n`qryi `nqytf.

+ كان في القبة، قسط ذهبي، وكيل مَنَّ، مخفي فيه.

There was a golden lampstand, in the tabernacle, and the seven lamps, shone upon it.

Ouon oulu,nia `[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] `ere pisasf `[email protected] erouwini `ejwc.

كان في القبة، منارة من ذهب، وسبعة سُرج، تضئ عليها.

+ There was a golden censer, in the tabernacle, and the chosen aloe, was in its midst.

+ Ouon ousoury `[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] `ere [email protected] etcwtp qen tecmy].

+ كان في القبة، مجمرة من ذهب، والعود المختار، في وسطها.

There was a flower of incense, in the tabernacle, inhaled by all, the house of Israel.

Ouon ou`hryri `n`c;[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] euswlem `eroc [email protected] `nje na `pyi `mPicrayl.

كان في القبة، زهرة بخور، يستنشق رائحتها، جميع آل بيت إسرائيل.

+ There was the rod of Aaron, in the tabernacle, this which has blossomed, without planting or watering.

+ Ouon ou`sbwt `nte `A`[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] vai `etafviri `[email protected] ,wric [o nem `tco.

+ كان في القبة، عصا هرون، هذه التي أزهرت، بغير غرس ولا سقي.

There was a golden table, in the tabernacle, and the oblation bread, was placed upon it.

Ouon ou`trapeza `[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] `pwik `n]`proc;[email protected] ,y `e`hryi `ejwc.

كان في القبة، مائدة ذهبية، وخبز التقدمة، موضوعاً عليها.

+ There was a high priest, in the tabernacle, offering sacrifices, on account of the peoples sins.

+ Ouon ouar,y`[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] efen souswousi `e`[email protected] `ejen ninobi `nte pilaoc.

+ كان في القبة، رئيس كهنة، يُصعد الذبائح، عن خطايا الشعب.

When the Pantocrator, smelled the aroma, He lifted up the sins, of the people.

Afsanswlem `[email protected] `nje [email protected] saf`wli `[email protected] `nninobi `nte pilaoc.

إذا إشتم رائحتها، ضابط الكل، يرفع هنالك، خطايا الشعب.

+ Through Mary, the daughter of Joachim, we learned of the true Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sin.

+ `Ebol hiten [email protected] `tseri `[email protected] ancouen Pisouswousi `[email protected] `n,anobi `ebol.

+ من قِبَل مريم، إبنة يواقيم، عرفنا الذبيحة الحقيقية، لمغفرة الخطايا.

The Fifteenth Part:


القطعة الخامسة عشر:

Who can speak of, the honor of the tabernacle, which was decorated, by the prophet.

Nim pe;na`[email protected] `m`ptaio `n]`[email protected] `etafcelcwlc `[email protected] `nje pi`provytyc.

من يقدر أن، يصف كرامة، القبة التي، زينها النبي.

+ When the chosen scholars, of the holy books, saw it, they were greatly amazed.

+ `Etaunau `[email protected] `nje nicwtp `[email protected] `nte ni`gravy e;[email protected] au[i`svyri `emasw.

+ لما رآها، المعلمون المختارون، للكتب المقدسة، تعجبوا جداً.

They thought, with their bright minds, and explained it, through the holy books.

Aumokmek `[email protected] qen pouka] [email protected] auermyneuin `[email protected] qen ni`gravy e;ouab.

وفكروا، بفهمهم السامي، وفسَّروها، من الكتب المقدسة.

+ They called Mary, the daughter of Joachim, the true tabernacle, of the Lord of hosts.

+ Aumou] `[email protected] `tseri `[email protected] je ]`ckyny `[email protected] `nte `P[oic cabaw;.

+ ودعوا مريم، إبنة يواقيم، القبة الحقيقية، التي لرب الجنود.

They likened the ark, to the Virgin, and its chosen gold, to her purity.

Auen ][email protected] hijen }par;[email protected] peckenoub [email protected] hijen pectoubo.

شبهوا التابوت، بالعذراء، وذهبه المختار، بطهارتها.

+ They likened the mercy seat, to the Virgin, and the Cherubim of glory, overshadowing her.

+ Auen pi`[email protected] hijen }par;[email protected] ic Ni,eroubim `nte `p`[email protected] ceerqyibi `ejwc.

+ شبهوا الغطاء، بالعذراء، وكاروبا المجد، يظللان عليها.

They likened the golden pot, to the Virgin, and the measure of the manna, to our Savior.

Auen pi`ctamnoc `[email protected] hijen }par;[email protected] pefkesi `[email protected] hijen Pencwtyr.

شبهوا القسط الذهبي، بالعذراء، وكيلة المَنَّ، بمخلصنا.

+ They likened the golden candlestand, to the Church, and the seven lamps, to its seven orders.

+ Auen ]lu,nia `[email protected] hijen }[email protected] peckesasf `[email protected] hijen pisasf `ntagma.

+ شبهوا المنارة الذهبية، بالكنيسة، وسُرجها السبعة، بالسبع طغمات.

They likened the golden censer, to the Virgin, and its aloes, to Emmanuel.

Auen ]soury `[email protected] hijen }par;[email protected] [email protected] hijen Emmanouyl.

شبهوا المجمرة الذهبية، بالعذراء، وعنبرها، بعمانوئيل.

+ They likened the flower of incense, to Mary the Queen, and the chosen incense, to her virginity.

+ Auen ]`hryri `n`c;[email protected] hijen Maria ][email protected] pecke`c;oinoufi [email protected] hijen tecpar;enia.

+ شبهوا زهرة البخور، بمريم الملكة، وبخورها المختار، ببتوليتها.

They likened the rod of Aaron, to the wood of the Cross, which my Lord was crucified upon, in order to save us.

Auen pi`sbwt `nte `A`[email protected] hijen `pse `nte Pi`[email protected] `etaues Pa[oic `[email protected] sa `ntefcw] `mmon.

شبهوا عصا هرون، بخشبة الصليب، التي صُلب ربي عليها، حتى خلصنا.

+ They likened the golden table, to the altar, and the oblation bread, to the Body of the Lord.

Auen ]`trapeza `[email protected] hijen pima `[email protected] `pwik `n]`pro;[email protected] hijen `Pcwma `m`P[oic.

+ شبهوا المائدة الذهبية، بالمذبح، وخبز التقدمة، بجسد الرب.

They likened the high priest, to our Savior, the true Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sins.

Auen piar,y`[email protected] hijen [email protected] Pisouswousi `[email protected] `n,anobi `ebol.

شبهوا رئيس الكهنة، بمخلصنا، الذبيحة الحقيقية، لمغفرة الخطايا.

+ He who offered Himself, as an acceptable sacrifice, upon the Cross, for the salvation of our race.

+ Vai `etafenf `e`[email protected] `nou;ucia [email protected] hijen Pi`[email protected] qa `poujai `mpengenoc.

+ هذا الذي أصعد ذاته، ذبيحة مقبولة، على الصليب، عن خلاص جنسنا.

His good Father, smelled Him, in the evening, on Golgotha.

Afswlem `[email protected] `nje Pefiwt `n`aga;[email protected] `m`vnau `nte han`[email protected] hijen }golgo;a.

فإشتمه، أبوه الصالح، وقت المساء، على الجلجثة.

+ He opened the gate, of Paradise, and restored Adam again, to his authority.

+ Afouwn `m`[email protected] `[email protected] aftac;o `n`[email protected] `etefar,y `nkecop.

+ فتح باب الفردوس، وردَّ آدم، إلى رئاسته، مرة أخرى.

Through Mary, the daughter of Joachim, we learned of the true Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sins.

`Ebol hiten [email protected] `tseri `[email protected] ancouen Pisouswousi `[email protected] `n,anobi `ebol.

من قِبَل مريم، إبنة يواقيم، عرفنا الذبيحة الحقيقية، لمغفرة الخطايا.

+ And we too, hope to win mercy, through your intercessions, with the Lover of Mankind.

+ `Anon hwn [email protected] e;rensasni [email protected] hiten ne`[email protected] `ntotf `mPimairwmi.

+ ونحن أيضاً، نطلب أن نفوز برحمةٍ، بشفاعاتِك، عند محب البشر.




Tenth Part:
Teoi enhe-kanos, e-hote ni-ethowab tiro, ethre-tovh e-gon, o thie-ethmen-ehmot.



Tit-shosi e-mashow, e-hote ni-patriarshis, owoh te-tai-yoot, ehote ni-eprofitis.



O-on to jin-moshi, khen ou-par-riseia, e-hote ni-Sherobim, nem ni-Seraphim.



Entho ghar alithos, pep-sho-sho empen genos, owoh ti-epros-tatis, ente nen epsishi.



Arip-resvevin e-gon, nahren pen-sotir, hopos entef tagron, khen pi-nahti etsoton.



Entef-er-ehmot nan, empi-ko evol ente nennovi, enten shashni evnai, hetinip-resveia.



Eleventh Part:
Ran niven etit-shosi, ente-ni-asomatos, ni-ananshon-angelos, nem arshi-angelos.



Empo eshfo epet-chisi, ente ne-makaris-mos, o-thiet-gloh empi-o-o, ente Epshois sava-ot.



Ti-heiak-ten evol, e-hote efri, teoi enlam-epros, e-hote ni-Sherobim.



Nem ni-Seraphim, na pi-so-oo entenh, se-er-ripi-zin khago, khen o-eshli-lowe.



Twelfth Part:
Pe-o-o Maria, chosi e-hote etfe, te-tayot epkahi, nem ni-etshop en-khitf.



Entho ghar alithos, te ti-setrata emmi, etoi emmam-moshi, e-epshoi enni-fe-owe.



Areti heyoti, emif-rashi nem ep-thelil, ari-morti en-ogom, o etsheri en-Sion.



O thi-e-tas ti-heyots, ente-hebso enna ni-fe-owe, sha-entes-hobs en-Adam, en-et-hebso empi-ehmot.



Ari-tastof en-kesop, e-pi parazisos, epto-pos emip-onof, efma en-shopi en nizikeos.



Thirteenth Part:
O-eskini emmi, te Maria ti-Parthenos, evki khen tes-miti, enje ni-met-methrev e-ten-hoot.



Ti-kivotos en-at-tholeb, et-oshg ennoub ensasa niven, nem pi-eilas-tirion, en-Sherobim ekon.



Pistamnos ennoub, e-re pi-manna hip enkhitf, yes pi-Logos ente Efiot, e-afit-she-sarex enkhiti.



Ti-likh-nia ennoub, etfai khah pi-ou-oyni emmi, ete ef-ou-oyni empi-kosmos, pi-atish-khownt e-rof.



Ti-shouri ennoub, etfai kha pi-jebs en-ekrom, nem pi-estoy-noufi et-sotp, en-aromata.



Pi-eshvot ente A-aron, e-taf firi evol, nem ti-ehriri ethowab, ente pistoi-noufi.



Nai tiro evsop, se-ersim-menin nan, mpe-jin-misi enishfiri, O Maria ti-Parthenos.



Fourteenth Part:
Aksol-sel ennen-epsishi, o Moysis piprophitis, khen ep-taio en-ti-eskini, e-tak-sel-sols evol.



Ti-eskini enhowe-ti, e-ta Moysis thamios, en-ouman-ka-novi evol, ente nen-shiri empis-rael.



Af-thamios khen ou-o-ou, katap-saji emip-shoise, nem kata ni-tipos tiro, e-tav-tamof ero-ou.



Ou-on ou-kivotos, ki khen ti-eskini, esla-leyoot ennoub, sakhoun nem savol.



Ou-on ou-eilas-tireion, ki khen ti-eskini, han Sherobim ennoub, se-er-khibi e-gof.



Ou-on ou-estam-nos ennoub, ki khen ti-eskini, e-re oushi-em-manna hip, enikhri enkhitf.



Ou-on ou-likhnia ennoub, ki khen ti-eskini, e-re pi-shashf enkhibs, er-ou-oyni eigos.



Ou-on ou-shouri ennoub, ki khen ti-eskini, e-re pi-kina-mownon, et-sotp khen tes-meti.



Ou-on ou-ehriri enestoi-noufi, ki khen ti-eskini, evshow-lem e-ros tiro, enje na ep-e empis-rael.



Ou-on ou-eshvowt ente A-aron, ki khen ti-eskini, fai-e-taf-viri evol, khowris cho nem etso.



Ou-on ou-etra-peza ennoub, ki khen ti-eskini, ep-owik enti-epro-tesis, ki e-ehri e-gos.



Ou-on ou-arshi-erevs, ki khen ti-eskini, Ef-en-shosho-oushi e-epshowi, ejen ni-novi ente pi-laos.



Afshan showlem e-rof, enje pi-Pantocrator, shaf-owli emmav, enni-novi ente pi-laos.



Evol hiten Maria, etshiri en-Yowakim, an-sou-en pi-shou-show-oushi emmi, anka novi evol.



Fifteenth Part:
Nim pethna esh-saji, em-ep-taio enti-eskini, e-taf-sel-sowls evol, enje piprophitis.



Eitav-nav eiros, enje ni-sowtp ensakh, ente ni-eghrafi ethowab, afitch esh-firi e-mashow.



Avmok-mek evol, khen poukati et-shom, af-ermine-vin emmos, khen ni-eghrafi ethowab.



Avmouti e-Maria, etshiri en-Yowakim, je ti-eskini emmi,
ente Epshoise sava-owt.



Aven ti-kivotos, hijen ti-Parthenos, pes-kenoub et-sotp, hijen pes-touvo.



Aven pi-e-lastirion, hijen ti-Parthenos, yes ni-Sherobim ente ep-ow-ou, se-er-khibi egows.



Aven pistamnos ennoub, hijen ti-Parthenos, pef-keshi em-manna, hijen pen-Sotir.



Aven ti-likh-nia ennoub, hijen ti-eklisia, peske shashf enkhibs, hijen pi-shashf en-taghma.



Aven ti-shouri ennoub, hijen ti-Parthenos, pes-ki-na-mownon,
hijen Emmano-eel.



Aven ti-ehriri enistoi-noufi, hijen Maria ti-owro, pes-kestoi-noufi et-sotp, hijen tes-parthenia.



Aven pi-eshvot ente A-aron, hijen epshe etne pis-tavros, etav-esh pashois e-rof, sha entef sowti emmon.



Av-en titra-peza ennoub, hijen pima-en-ershow-oushi, ep-oyk enti-epro-tesis, hijen ep-sowma emip-shois.



Av-en pi-arshi-eirevs, hijen pen-Sotir, pi-shosho-oushi emmi, enka novi evol.



Fai e-taf-enf e-epshowi, enou-thisia es-ship, hijen pis-tavros, kha ep-ougai em-pengenos.



Afshow-lem erof, enje Pefiout en-aghathos, em-evnav ente han-arouhi, hijen ti-ghol-ghotha.



Af-ou-own emif-ro, em-pi-parazisos, aftas-to en-Adam, etef-arshi enke-sop.



Evol hiten Maria, et-shiri en-Yowakim, an-sou-en pi-shosho-oushi, enka novi evol.



Anon hon ten-tovh, ethren shashni evnai, hiten ni-epres-via, en-totof empi-mairowmi.