St. Mark Doxology - 1st :: Abba Markoc piapoctoloc :: مارمرقس - 1

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


O Mark the Apostle, and the evangelist, the witness to the passion, of the only-begotten God.

Abba Markoc pi`[email protected] ouoh pi`eu`[email protected] pime;re qa ni`[email protected] `nte pimonogenyc `nnou].

يا مرقس الرسول والانجيلى الشاهد لآلام الاله الوحيد.

+ You have come and enlightened us, through your Gospel, and taught us the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

+ Ak`i ak`er`ouwini `[email protected] hiten pek`eu`[email protected] ak`tcabon `m`Viwt nem `[email protected] nem pi`Pneuma =e=;=u.

أتيت وأنرت لنا بانجيلك وعلمتنا الآب والابن والروح القدس.

You brought us out of the darkness, into the true Light, and nourished us with the Bread of life, that came down from heaven.

Akenten `ebolqen `p,[email protected] eqoun `epiOuwini `[email protected] aktemmon `mpiwik `nte `[email protected] etaf`i `epecyt `ebolqen `tve.

وأخرجتنا من الظلمة الى النور الحقيقى. وأطعمتنا خبز الحياة الذى نزل من السماء.

+ All the tribes of the earth, were blessed through you, and your words have reached, the ends of the world.

+ Au[i`cmou `n`qryi `[email protected] `nje nivuly tyrou `nte `[email protected] ouoh nekcaji [email protected] sa auryjc `n]oikoumeny.

تباركت بك كل قبائل الأرض. وأقوالك بلغت الى أقطار المسكونة.

Hail to you O martyr, hail to the evangelist, hail to the Apostle, Mark the beholder of God.

<ere nak `w [email protected] ,ere pi`eu`[email protected] ,ere pi`[email protected] abba Markoc pi;ewrimoc.

السلام لك أيها الشهيد السلام للانجيلى. السلام للرسول مرقس ناظر الاله.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O beholder of God and evangelist, Saint Mark the Apostle, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `m`P=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] w pi;ewrimoc `n`eu`[email protected] abba Markoc pi`[email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلب عنا ياناظر الاله الانجيلى مرقس الرسول ليغفر...