St. Mary Doxology (Matins) :: `Wounia] `n;o Maria

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


Blessed are you O Mary, the prudent and the chaste, the second tabernacle, the treasure of the Spirit.

Wounia] `n;o Mari`[email protected] ]cabe ouoh `[email protected] ]mah`cnou] `n`[email protected] pi`Aho `m`Pneumatikon.

طوباك أنت يا مريم الحكيمة العفيفة القبة الثانية الكنز الروحى.

+ The pure turtle-dove, that declared in our land, and brought unto us, the Fruit of the Spirit.

+ }[rompsal `nka;[email protected] ;yetacmou] qen [email protected] ouoh acviri nan `[email protected] `noukarpoc `nte pi`Pneuma.

اليمامة النقية التى نادت فى أرضنا وأينعت لنا ثمرة الروح.

The Spirit of comfort, that came upon your Son, in the waters of the Jordan, as in the type of Noah.

Pi`Pneuma `[email protected] vy`etaf`i ejen [email protected] hijen nimwou `nte [email protected] kata `ptupoc `nNw`e.

الروح المعزى الذى حل على ابنك فى مياه الأردن كمثال نوح.

+ For that dove, has declared unto us, the peace of God, toward mankind.

+ }[rompi gar ete `[email protected] `n;oc achisennoufi [email protected] `n]hiryny `nte V]@ ;yetacswpi sa nirwmi.

لأن تلك الحمامة هى بشرتنا بسلام الله الذى صار للبشر.

Likewise you O our hope, the rational turtle-dove, have brought mercy unto us, and carried Him in your womb.

`N;o hwi `w [email protected] ][rom`psal `nno`[email protected] are`ini `mpinai [email protected] arefai qarof qen teneji.

وأنت أيضا يا رجاءنا اليمامة العقلية أتيت لنا بالرحمة حملته فى بطنك.

+ Who is Jesus our Lord, the only-begotten of the Father, He was born of you unto us, and set free our race.

+ Ete vai pe [email protected] pimici `ebolqen `[email protected] aumacf nan `ebol `nqy]@ afer penjenoc `nremhe.

أى يسوع المولود من الآب ولد لنا منك وحرر جنسنا.

Wherefore let us declare, first with our hearts, and then with our tongues also, proclaiming and saying.

Vai gar [email protected] `ebolqen penhyt `[email protected] menencwc on qen [email protected] enws `ebol enjw `mmoc.

فلنقل هذا من قلبنا أولاً وبعد ذلك بلساننا أيضا صارخين قائلين.

+ O our Lord Jesus Christ, make in us a sanctuary, for Your Holy Spirit, ever-glorifying You.

+ Je pen=o=c I=y=c P=,[email protected] ma;ami`o nak `n`qryi `[email protected] `nou`ervei `nte Pek`Pneuma =e=;[email protected] eu]doxologi`a nak.

يا ربنا يسوع المسيح اجعل لك فينا هيكلاً لروحك القدوس يعطيك تمجيدا.

Hail to you O Virgin, the very and true queen, hail to the pride of our race, who gave birth to Emmanuel.

<ere ne `w }par;[email protected] ]ourw `mmyi `n`aly;[email protected] ,ere `psousou `nte [email protected] `are`jvo nan `nEmmanouyl.

السلام لك أيتها العذراء الملكة الحقيقية الحقانية. السلام لفخر جنسنا. ولدت لنا عمانوئيل.

+ We ask you to remember us, O our trusted advocate, before our Lord Jesus Christ, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Ten]ho [email protected] `w ]`procatatyc `[email protected] nahren pen=o=c I=y=c P=,[email protected] `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.

+ نسألك أن تذكرينا أيتها الشفيعة المؤتمنة أمام ربنا يسوع المسيح ليغفر لنا خطايانا.