St. Demiana Doxology - 1st :: }alou `ncaby `mpar;enoc

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


The wise celibate child, the chosen and true lady, the Bride of Christ, Saint Demiana.

}alou `ncaby `mpar;[email protected] ]cwtp `nkuri`a `[email protected] ]selet `nte P=,[email protected] ]`agia Demiany.

الصبية العذراء الحكيمة المختارة البارة عروس المسيح القديسة دميانه.

+ This is she who was filled with wisdom, from her childhood, she hated the earthly, and she loved virginity.

+ :ai icjen tecmet`[email protected] acmeh `ebol qen ][email protected] acmoc] `[email protected] acmenre `n]par;eni`a.

هذه التى امتلأت من الحكمة منذ صباها فأبغضت العالميات وأحبت البتولية.

She became the head, and a harbor of salvation, the mother of forty virgins, in the tower which her father built.

Acswpi `n]ar,[email protected] `nlumyn `nte [email protected] `ymau `nhme `mpar;[email protected] qen pipurgoc `eta peciwt kotf.

صارت رئيسة وميناء للخلاص وأما للأربعين عذراء فى القصر الذى بناه لها أبوها.

+ When he denied Christ, his loving daughter Demiana, restored his faith, and he received martyrdom.

+ Afjwl `ebol `mP=,[email protected] actac;o `mmof `nje [email protected] `etacmere `mmof `nje [email protected] af[i `n]metmarturia.

ولما كفر بالمسيح ردته ابنته دميانه التى أحبته فنال الشهادة.

Because of this the king had sent for her, and ordered her to be tortured, she endured repeated sufferings, and received martyrdom.

E;be vai afouwrp `nje `[email protected] afouahcahni qen [email protected] acsep`mkah `noumys `[email protected] ac[i `n]metmarturia.

من أجل هذا أرسل الملك أمره بتعذيبها فقبلت آلامات عدة ونالت الشهادة.

+ The forty holy virgins, who were with her in the tower, received martyr-dom, all in one day with her.

+ Piehme =e=´=u `mpar;[email protected] `enauswpi nemac qen [email protected] au[i `n][email protected] qen pi`ehoou `nouwt nemac.

والأربعون عذراء الذين كانوا معها فى القصر نالوا الشهادة معها فى يوم واحد.

Blessed are you O Demiana, the bride of Circumcision, the celibate nun, the chosen and true martyr.

W`ounia] `n;o [email protected] ]selet `nte [email protected] ]mona,y `mpar;[email protected] ]cwtp `mmyi` mmarturoc.

طوباك يادميانه عروس الختن الراهبة البتول المختارة الشهيدة الحقيقية.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O bride of Christ, Saint Demiana, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] `w ]selet `nte P=,[email protected] ]`agia [email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلبى من الرب عنا ياعروس المسيح القديسة دميانه ليغفر...