St. Samuel the Confessor :: <ere peniwt abba Camouyl

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


Hail to Abba Samuel, the great among the saints, who has gained great virtues, in the mountain of Shiheet.

<ere peniwt abba [email protected] pinis] qen ni`[email protected] vy`etaf`iri `nhannis] `n`ar`[email protected] qen `ptwou `nte Sihyt.

السلام لأبينا أنبا صموئيل العظيم فى القديسين الذى صنع فضائل عظيمة فى جبل شيهات.

+ Hail to our father Abba Samuel, who tore the Tome of Leo, he confirmed his brothers, in the Orthodox faith.

+ <ere peniwt abba [email protected] vy`etafvwq `m`ptomoc `[email protected] ouoh (aftajro `nnef`cnyou)@ qen pinah] `nor;odoxoc.

السلام لأبينا أنبا صموئيل الذى مزق طومس )محضر( لاوون وثبت اخوته فى الايمان الأرثوذكسى.

Wherefore the impious one, Macius Atrianus sought him, he sent him to the mountain of Qualamon, with four chosen monks.

E;be vai af[oji `[email protected] `nje Makic Atri`anoc pi`[email protected] ouoh af`i ha `ptwou `[email protected] nem `ftoou (=d) `ncwtp `mmona,oc.

لأجل هذا طارده ماكيس اتريانوس المنافق. فأتى الى جبل القلمونى مع أربعة رهبان مختارين.

+ Abba Samuel the confessor, was very patient, through the pains of the sufferings, and the captivity of Barbarians.

+ Abba Camouyl pi`[email protected] `n;of [email protected] `ejen niqici `nte [email protected] nem ]e,malwcia `nte niBarbaroc.

أنبا صموئيل المعترف قد صبر على أتعاب الاضطهاد وسبى البربر.

Hail to our father Abba Samuel, who performed wonders and signs, he healed the sick, in the monastery and the city of the Barbarians.

<ere peniwt abba [email protected] vy`etaf`iri `nhanmyini nem han`[email protected] ouoh aftal[o `nny`[email protected] qen pimonactyrion nem `ybaki `nnibarbaroc.

السلام لأبينا أنبا صموئيل الذى صنع آيات وعجائب وشفى المرضى فى الدير ومدينة البربر.

+ Hail to our father Abba Samuel, who became a merciful father, and a good teacher, for his children the monks.

+ <ere peniwt abba [email protected] Vy`etafswpi `niwt `[email protected] nem ouref]`cbw `n`aga;[email protected] `nnefsyri `mmona,oc.

السلام لأبينا أنبا صموئيل الذى صار أبا رحوما ومعلما صالحا لأبنائه الرهبان.

Hail to our father Abba Samuel, who became exceedingly great, in heaven and on earth, before God and men.

<ere peniwt abba [email protected] vy`etaf`ernis] `[email protected] qen `tve nem hijen [email protected] qaten V] nem nirwmi.

السلام لأبينا أنبا صموئيل الذى صار عظيما جدا فى السماء وعلى الأرض عند الله والناس.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O our holy father Abba Samuel, and all his children the monks, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] `w peniwt =e=;=u abba [email protected] nem nefsyri `mmona,[email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلب من الرب عنا ياأبانا القديس أنبا صموئيل وأولاده الرهبان ليغفر...