St. Roweis (Teji) :: Akem`psa gar aly;wc

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


For you truly were worthy, to be lifted up by the angels, to the heavenly Jerusalem, Abba Roweis the beholder of God.

Akem`psa gar aly;[email protected] `etau`wli `mmok `nje ni`[email protected] `eqoun `eIeroucalym `nte `[email protected] abba Teji ;eovanioc.

لأنك مستحق بالحقيقة يامن حملتك الملائكة داخل أورشليم السمائية. ياأنبا فريج ناظر الاله.

+ Because of your many pains, you made to your body, so that your soul may be, an altar for the Holy Spirit.

+ E;be `p`asai `[email protected] `etak`iri `mmwou qen [email protected] sa`ntecswpi `nje tek'u,[email protected] `nouervei `nte pi`Pneuma =e=;=u.

لأجل كثرة أتعابك التى قاسيتها فى جسدك حتى صارت نفسك هيكلا للروح القدس.

Your holy name has spread, throughout the lands of Egypt, because of the signs and wonders, the Lord performed through you.

Cwr `ebol `nje pekran =e=;[email protected] qen ni;ws `nte ni,wra `n<[email protected] e;be nimyini nem han`[email protected] `ete V] aitou hitotk.

ذاع اسمك الطاهر فى حدود اقليم مصر من أجل الآيات والعجائب التى أجراها الله على يديك.

+ Your holy footprints, have witnessed your wonders to us, which you performed in the land of Egypt, through the power of Christ.

+ Tatci `nnek[alauj =e=;[email protected] acerme;re nan qen nek`[email protected] `etak`iri `mmwou qen `t,wra `n,[email protected] qen `tjom `nte P=,=c.

خطوات قدميك المقدسة تشهد لنا بعجائبك التى أجريتها فى اقليم مصر بقوة المسيح.

For the light of your body, has enlightened our bodies, and your holy soul, prays on behalf of our souls.

Ouwini gar `nte [email protected] saf`erouwini `nje [email protected] ouoh teku,y =e=;[email protected] ectwbh `e`hryi `ejen nenu,y.

لأن نور جسدك يضىء أجسادنا ونفسك الطاهرة تطلب عن أنفسنا.

+ Your life is a wonder, and your fighting is great, your glory was greatly exalted, in the midst of the ascetics.

Pekbioc ou`svyri [email protected] pek`agwn ounis] pe pek`[email protected] `f[ici `[email protected] qen `;my] `nni`ackytyc.

سيرة حياتك عجيبة وجهادك عظيم ومجدك مرتفع جدا فى وسط النساك.

Blessed are you indeed, O our righteous holy father, Abba Roweis the Beholder of God, the Beloved of Christ.

Wouniatk qen oume;[email protected] peniwt =e=;=u `[email protected] abba Teji ;[email protected] pimenrit `nte P=,=c.

طوباك بالحقيقة ياأبانا القديس البار أنبا فريج ناظر الاله حبيب المسيح.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O our righteous holy father, Abba Roweis the beholder of God, that He may forgive us our sins.

Tobh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] peniwt =e=;=u `[email protected] abba Teji ;[email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلب عنا ياأبانا القديس أنبا فريج ناظر الاله ليغفر...