St. Pachomius and Theodore :: `N;ok oumakarioc

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


You are blessed, O our holy father Abba Pachomius, you inherited the blessing, from the Lord God.

`N;ok [email protected] peniwt =e=;=u abba [email protected] aker`klyronomin `mpi`[email protected] `ebol hiten P=o=c V].

أنت طوباوى ياأبانا القديس باخوم. ورثت البركة من قبل الرب.

+ Our holy father Pachomius, was worthy many times, to see the Lord, and His holy angels.

+ Peniwt =e=;=u abba [email protected] aker`m`psa `noumys `[email protected] aker;eorin `[email protected] nem nef`aggeloc =e=;=u.

ياأبانا القديس أنبا باخوم استحققت مرارا كثيرة أن تنظر الرب مع ملائكته القديسين.

Our holy father Pachomius, you have explained the commandments of God, and you perfected all virtues, and pleased Christ.

Peniwt =e=;=u abba [email protected] ak`erou`ahem nientoly `nte V]@ akjwk `nni`arety [email protected] ouoh akrana `mP=o=c.

ياأبانا القديس أنبا باخوم. فسرت وصايا الله وأكملت كل الفضائل وأرضيت المسيح.

+ The adornment of the ascetics, is our holy father Theodore, for you became the replacement, of your father Pachomius.

"olcel `nni`[email protected] peniwt =e=;=u ;[email protected] je akswpi `n`[email protected] `mpekiwt Paqwmioc.

زينة النساك ياأبانا القديس ثيؤدوروس لأنك صرت عوضا عن أبيك باخوميوس.

You directed the needs, of the brothers to piety, and you preached to them, with your precious word.

Ak,ohkah `nni`[email protected] `e`hryi `e][email protected] akerka;i,in `[email protected] qen pekcaji gar etholj.

ووجهت طلب الأخوة الى التقوى ووعظتهم بكلامك الحلو.

+ You comforted the weak, and those of faint-heartedness, with perfect love, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

+ Ak]nom] `[email protected] nem ny`etoi `nkouji `[email protected] qen ]`agapy etjyk `[email protected] hiten pen=o=c I=y=c P=,=c.

وقويت الضعفاء وصغيرى القلوب بالمحبة الكاملة من قبل يسوع المسيح.

Hail to my masters and holy fathers, Abba Pachomius of the Koinonia, and Theodore his disciple, the beloved of Christ.

<ere na=o=c `nio] =e=;[email protected] abba Paqwm va ][email protected] nem ;eodwroc pefma;[email protected] nimenra] `nte P=,=c.

السلام لأبائنا القديسين أنبا باخوم صاحب الشركة وثيؤدوروس تلميذه محبى المسيح.

+ Pray to the Lord on out behalf, Abba Pachomius of the Koinonia, and Theodore his disciple, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] abba Paqwm va ][email protected] nem ;eodwroc pefma;[email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلبا عنا ياأنبا باخوم صاحب الشركة وثيؤدوروس تلميذه ليغفر...