Doxology for Abba Moses the Strong :: Pisorp `mmarturoc =e=;=u :: ذكصولوجية للأنبا موسى القوي

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


The first holy martyr, who was well perfected, on the mountain of Shiheet, is our holy father Abba Moses.

Pisorp `mmarturoc =e=;[email protected] `etafjwk `ebol `[email protected] qen pitwou `nte [email protected] pe peniwt =e=;=u abba Mwcy.

الشهيد الأول القديس، الذي كمَّل حسناً، في جبل شيهيت، هو أبونا القديس أنبا موسى.

+ He became a fighter, whom the demons fear, he stood upon the rock, as a symbol of the Cross.

+ Afswpi gar `nouref]@ efoi `nho] oube [email protected] af`ohi `eratf hijen ][email protected] kata `ptupoc `mPi`ctauroc.

+ لأنه صار مُحارباً، مَخُوفاً ضد الشياطين، ووقف على الصخرة، كمثال الصليب.

Through his great patience, in the travails of his sufferings, he wore the crown, of martyrdom.

Hiten tefnis] `[email protected] nem piqici `nte [email protected] afervorin `mpi`,[email protected] `nte ]metmarturoc.

بعِظَم صبره، وتعب العذابات، لبس الإكليل، الذي للشهادة.

+ He flew in the spirit to the heights, to His places of rest, which the Lord has prepared, for those who love His holy name.

+ Afhwl `e`p[ici qen pi`[email protected] `eqoun `enefma`[email protected] `etafcebtwtou `nje `[email protected] `nnye;mei `mpefran =e=;=u.

+ ذهب بالروح إلى العلو، إلى مواضع النياح، التي أعدها الرب، لمحبي إسمه القدوس.

He left for us his holy body, and his holy cave, that we may complete in it, his honored memorial.

Afcwjp nan `[email protected] nem pef`cpyleon =e=;[email protected] e;renjwk `ebol `[email protected] `mpefer`vmeui ettai`yout.

وأبقى لنا جسده، ومغارته المقدسة، لنكمل فيها، تذكاره المكرم.

+ Proclaiming and saying, “O God of Abba Moses, and those who were perfected with him, have mercy upon our souls.”

+ Enws `ebol enjw `[email protected] je `V] `nabba [email protected] nem ny`etaujwk `ebol [email protected] `ariounai nem nen'u,y.

+ إذ نصرخ قائلين، "يا إله أنبا موسى، والذين كملوا معه، إصنع رحمة مع نفوسنا."

That we may win the promises, which He has prepared for the saints, who have pleased Him since the beginning, because of their love for Him.

Ouoh `ntensasni `[email protected] `etafcebtwtou `nny=e=;[email protected] `etauranaf icjen `p`[email protected] e;be tou`agapy `eqoun `erof.

ونفوز بالمواعيد، المُعدة للقديسين، الذين أرضوه منذ البدء، لأجل حُبهم فيه.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O my master and father Abba Moses, and his children the cross-bearers, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `m`P=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] `w pa=o=c `niwt abba [email protected] nem nefsyri `n`[email protected] `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.

+ أُطلب من الرب عنا، يا سيدي الآب أنبا موسى، وأولاده لُباس الصليب، ليغفر لنا خطايانا.