St. Macarius (Bishop of Edkow) :: Afnamou] `erok je nim

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


Your people whom you guided, in purity and righteousness, what should they call you, O Abba Makari the Bishop.

Afnamou] `erok je [email protected] `nje peklaoc `etak`amoni `[email protected] qen outoubo nem oume;[email protected] abba Makari pi`epickopoc.

ماذا يدعوك شعبك الذى رعيته بطهارة وبر ياأنبا مقار الأسقف.

+ If I call you an angel, or a shepherd or a martyr, these all you have truly accomplished, in deed and word of truth.

Aisanjoc `erok je `[email protected] ie man`ecwou ie [email protected] nai akjokou `ebol [email protected] qen `phwb nem `pcaji `nte ]me;myi.

ان قلت عنك انك ملاك أو راع أو شهيد فهذه اكملتها جيداً بالفعل وقول الحق.

I will say of you an angel, for you have left your body, I will say of you a shepherd, for you gave your life for your sheep.

Aisanjoc `erok je `[email protected] ke gar ak,w `mpekcwma `e`[email protected] aisanjoc `erok man`[email protected] ak] `nteku,y `ejen nek`ecwou.

ان قلت عنك انك ملاك فقد ضحيت بجسدك وان قلت عنك انك راع فقد اسلمت نفسك عن رعيتك.

I will say of you a martyr, for you delivered your head for Christ, He who became a martyr for us, before Pontius Pilate.

Aisanjoc `erok je [email protected] ak] `ntek`ave qa P=,[email protected] vai `etafermarturoc e;[email protected] nahren Pontioc Pilatoc.

وان قلت عنك انك شهيد فقد اسلمت رأسك لاجل المسيح الذى صار فداءاً لاجلنا أمام بيلاطس البنطى.

+ You completed the priesthood, you have kept the faith, you wore the unfading crown, of martyrdom.

}metouyb akjokc `[email protected] pinah] ak`areh `[email protected] akervorin `mpi`,lom `n`[email protected] `nte ]metmarturoc.

اكملت الكهنوت وحفظت الايمان ونلت اكليل الشهادة غير المضمحل.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O my master the ascetic father, Abba Makari the Bishop, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] `w pa=o=c `niwt `[email protected] abba Makari pi`[email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلب عنا ياسيدى الآب الناسك أنبا مقار الاسقف ليغفر...