St. John the Short :: Akswpi gar `nouvwctyr

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


For you have become a star, of light upon the earth, O blessed and holy one, my master and father Abba John.

Akswpi gar `[email protected] `nref`erouwini hijen [email protected] `w pimakarioc =e=;[email protected] pa=o=c `niwt abba Iwannyc.

صرت كوكبا منيرا على الأرض أيها الطوباوى الطاهر سيدى الآب أنبا يؤانس.

+ That through your humility, and angelic life, you made Shiheet like the stars, with your finger.

+ Hwcte hiten pek;ebi`[email protected] nem pekbioc `n`[email protected] akes Sihyt tyrf `nca [email protected] `m`vry] `nouteltili `mmwou.

حتى أنك من قبل تواضعك وسيرتك الملائكية اعتبرت كل شيهات كنقطة ماء فى أصبعك.

And you subdued your body, with many ascetic pains, so that you may be blameless, in the day of Judgment.

Ouoh ak`wfi `[email protected] qen hanackycic [email protected] sa`ntekswpi `[email protected] qen pi`ehoou `nte ]`kricic.

وأقمت جسدك بنسك متعب لتكون بغير شدة فى يوم الدينونة.

+ You became a harbor of salvation, you have risen the dead, you have exorcised the demons, and you have healed the sick.

+ Akswpi `nlumyn `[email protected] nirefmwout [email protected] nidemwn akhitou `[email protected] nyetswni aktal[wou.

صرت ميناء خلاص. أقمت الأموات. وأخرجت الشياطين وشفيت المرضى.

And also you were worthy, O my master and father Abba John, to sit with the Apostles, and judge your generation.

Ouoh on aker`pem`[email protected] pa=o=c `niwt abba [email protected] `ntekhemci nem ni`[email protected] `ntek]hap `ntekgenea.

أيضا استحققت ياسيدى الآب أنبا يؤانس أن تجلس مع الرسل وتدين جيلك.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O my master and father the hegumen, Abba John Colobos, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] `w pa=o=c `niwt abba [email protected] pihygoumenoc `[email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلب عنا ياسيدى الآب القمص أنبا يؤانس القصير ليغفر...