St. Antony :: Bwl `ebol qen netenhyt

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


Take out from your hearts, the thoughts of evil, and the pretentious images, that darken the mind.

Bwl `ebol qen [email protected] `nnimokmek `nte ],[email protected] nem nimeu`i [email protected] et`iri `mpinouc `n,aki.

انزعوا من قلوبكم أفكار الشر والظنون الخداعة التى تظلم العقل.

+ Comprehend with thought, of the great miracles, of our blessed father, my great lord Abba Antony.

+ Arinoin qen ou]`h;[email protected] `nnika;artwma et[[email protected] `nte penmakarioc `[email protected] pa=o=c pinis] Abba Antwni.

تفهموا بتأمل الى المعجزات العالية التى لأبينا الطوباوى سيدى العظيم أنبا انطونيوس.

This is he who became our guide, and harbor for salvation, he invited us with joy, to the eternal life.

Vai `etafswpi nan `n[[email protected] `nlumyn `nte [email protected] af;whem `mmon qen ou`[email protected] `eqoun `epiwnq `n`eneh.

هذا الذى صار لنا مرشدا وميناء خلاص ودعانا بفرح الى الحياة الأبدية.

+ The incense of his virtues, delighted our souls, like the blossomed aroma, in the Paradise.

Apic;oinofi `nte [email protected] ] `m`pounof `nnenu,[email protected] `m`vry] `[email protected] etryt qen piparadicoc.

بخور فضائله أعطى الفرح لنفوسنا مثل العنبر المزهر فى الفردوس.

Let us truly be confirmed, in the upright faith, of the great Antony, proclaiming and saying.

Marentajron qen pinah]@ etcoutwn qen oume;[email protected] `nte pinis] [email protected] enws `ebol `enjw `mmoc.

فلنثبت بالحقيقة فى الايمان المستقيم الذى للعظيم أنطونيوس صارخين قائلين.

+ "I sought and I found, I asked and I was given, I knocked and I believed, that it will be opened to me."

+ Je aikw] ouoh [email protected] ai`eretin ouoh ai[[email protected] aikwlh ouoh ]nah]@ je cena`aouwn nyi.

طلبت فوجدت. سألت فأخذت. قرعت وأؤمن أنه سيفتح لى.

Hail to our father Antony, the light of monasticism, hail to our father Abba Paul, the beloved of Christ.

<ere peniwt [email protected] piqybc `nte ]metmona,[email protected] ,ere peniwt abba [email protected] pimenrit `nte P=,=c.

السلام لأبينا أنطونيوس مصباح الرهبنة. السلام لأبينا أنبا بولا حبيب المسيح.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O my masters and fathers who loved their children, Abba Antony and Abba Paul, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] `w na=o=c `nio] `[email protected] abba Antwnioc nem abba [email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلبا عنا ياسيدى الأبوين محبى أولادهما انطونيوس وأنبا بولا ليغفر...