Sts. Cosmas & Demian :: Tiou `ncon `n`a;lovoroc

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


Five struggling brothers, the ministers of Christ, purity to their virginity, from their one mother.

Tiou `ncon `n`a;[email protected] `ndi`akwn `nte P=,[email protected] outoubo qen toupar;eni`[email protected] `ebol qen toumau `nouwt.

خمسة اخوة مجاهدين خدام المسيح أطهارا فى بتوليتهم من أم واحدة.

+ Cosmas and Demian, Anthimus and Leontius, and also Arabius, they were doctors and physicians.

+ Ete Kocma nem [email protected] nem An;imoc nem [email protected] nem ouPrabioc hancyini [email protected] ouoh `ncovoc qen toupictymy.

الذين هم قزمان ودميان وأنتيموس ولاونديوس وأبرابيوس أطباء وحكماء فى صناعتهم.

They healed every sickness, of the soul and the body, and love was in their midst, their house was open for all.

Euerva`qri `eswni [email protected] na ni`'u,y nem na [email protected] `ere ]`agapy qen toumy]@ `ere pou`yi `nouon niben.

يعالجون كل الأمراض النفسية والجسدية والمحبة فى وسطهم وكان بيتهم لكل واحد.

+ The five brothers arose, and went to the governor, they performed many wonders, and signs on the way.

+ Autwounou `nje ni`tiou `[email protected] ausenwou sa [email protected] au`iri `nhannis] `n`[email protected] nem hanmyini hi pimwit.

فقام الخمسة اخوة ومضوا الى الوالى وفى الطريق صنعوا عجائب وآيات عظيمة فى الطريق.

Saint Theodota, their blessed and holy mother, confirmed them in the faith, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

}`agia ;e`[email protected] toumau `n`t`cmarwout =e=;[email protected] nactajro `mmwou qen pinah]@ `ejen `vran I=y=c P=,=c.

والقديسة ثيؤدوتا أمهم المباركة القديسة كانت تثبتهم فى الايمان على اسم يسوع المسيح.

+ For when they all stood, before the governor, they gave their confession, with great fervor.

+ Etau`ohi gar `[email protected] `mpe`m;o `[email protected] au] `n]`omologi`[email protected] qen ounis] `mparryci`a.

ولما وقفوا أمام الوالى جاهروا باعترافهم باعلان عظيم.

With this they wore the unfading crowns, of martyrdom, they celebrated with Christ, in the land of the living.

Qen nai auervorin `nhan`,lom `[email protected] `nte ][email protected] auersai nem P=,[email protected] qen `t,wra `nte nyetonq.

وبهذا توشحوا باكليل الشهادة غير المضمحل وعيدوا مع المسيح فى كورة الأحياء.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O struggle mantled martyrs, Cosmas and his brothers and their mother, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] ni`a;lovoroc `[email protected] Kocma nem nef`cnyou nem [email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلبوا عنا أيها الشهداء المجاهدون قزمان وأخوته وأمهم ليغفر...