St. Theodorus El-Mashriqi :: `N;ok oumou`i efhelhem

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


You are the victorious lion, in the midst of the wars, upon the screaming horse, O Theodorus Anatolius.

`N;ok oumou`i [email protected] qen `ymy] `[email protected] `ejen ou`h;o [email protected] ;eodwroc pi`Anatoleoc.

أنت الأسد الغالب فى وسط الحروب على صهيل الفرس ياثيؤدوروس المشرقى.

+ And when your voice came forth, the Barbarians fell, and your evil enemies, which are the devils feared.

+ Ouoh aksan] `mpek`[email protected] sauhei `n,eni [email protected] sausai `nje nekjaji [email protected] `ete nai ne nidiaboloc.

اذا ما أعطيت صوتك تسقط البرابرة وتصرع أعداءك الأشرار الذين هم الشياطين.

You slaughtered the dragon, who was under the ladder, you completed your struggle, with unbending uprightness.

Akqwteb `mpi`[email protected] etcapecyt `n][email protected] akjwk `ebol `mpek`[email protected] qen oucwouten `n`atriki.

قتلت التنين الكائن تحت السلم وأكملت جهادك بغير ملل.

+ You were truly baptized for the sake, of Christ in the lake of fire, with your two friends, Leontius and Panikarus.

+ Ak] [i`wmc nak e;be V]@ qen ]lumny `n`,[email protected] aly;wc `n;ok nem nek`svyr `cnou]@ Leontioc nem Panikaroc.

غطست فى بحيرة النار من أجل الله بالحقيقة أنت وصديقيك لاونديوس وبانيكاروس.

Therefore David, joyfully honored you, saying "Gird your sword, upon your thigh O mighty one."

E;be vai aftai`o `[email protected] `nje Dauid qen [email protected] je mour `ntekcyfi `epek`[email protected] vy`ete ouon `sjom `mmof.

لأجل هذا كرمك داود بابتهاج تقلد بسيفك على فخذك أيها الجبار

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O Theodorus Anatolius, and Leontius and Panikarus, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] :eodwroc pi`[email protected] nem Leontioc nem [email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

اطلبوا عنا ياثيؤدوروس ولاونديوس وبنيكاروس ليغفر...