Sts. Abakir & John Doxology :: Apakir nem Iwannyc pefcon

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


Abakir and his brother John, and their blessed sisters, the soldiers of Christ, loved Him very much.

Apakir nem Iwannyc [email protected] nem cwni `cnau (=b) et`[email protected] nimatoi `nte P=,[email protected] naumei `mmof `emasw.

أباكير ويوحنا أخوه مع أختين مباركتين جنود المسيح كانوا يحبونه جدا.

+ Because of their trusted love, and their faith in Christ, they hated the whole world, its riches and all that is in it.

+ Aumoc] `mpikocmoc [email protected] nem nef`,ryma nem pi`[email protected] e;be tou`agapy `[email protected] nem pounah] qen P=,=c.

أبغضوا العالم كله ومقتنياته وكل ما فيه من أجل محبتهم الصادقة وايمانهم بالمسيح.

They suffered in their bodies, many great afflictions, through the faith of Christ, they did not surrender to them.

Ausep`mkah qen `[email protected] hiten hannis] `[email protected] e;be `vnah] `mP=,[email protected] `mmon tou,au`aroc `mmwou.

تألموا فى أجسادهم بعذابات عظيمة من أجل الايمان بالمسيح ولم يتخلوا عنها.

+ They received unfading crowns, of martyrdom, they celebrated with all the saints, in the land of the living.

+ Au[i `nhan`,lom `n`[email protected] `nte ][email protected] au`ersai nem ny=e=;=u [email protected] qen `t,wra `nte ny`et`wnq.

فنالوا اكاليلا غير مضمحلة التى للشهادة وعيدوا مع جميع القديسين فى كورة الأحياء.

+ Hail to the two holy brothers, Abakir and his brother John, hail to the two martyrs, the spiritual physicians.

<ere nicon `cnau (=b) =e=;[email protected] Apakir nem Iwannyc [email protected] ,ere `cnav `[email protected] nicyini `m`pneumatikon.

السلام للأخوين القديسين أباكير ويوحنا أخيه السلام للشهيدين الطبيبين الروحيين.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O struggle mantled martyrs, Abakir and his brother John, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] `w ni`a;lovoroc `[email protected] Apakir nem Iwannyc [email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan ebol.

أطلبا عنا أيها الشهيدان المجاهدان أباكير ويوحنا أخوه ليغفر...