St. John the Evangelist :: Iwannyc Pipar;enoc

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


John the virgin, the Son of Zebedee, a native of Bethsaida, from the tribe of Zebulun.

Iwannyc pipar;[email protected] `psyri `[email protected] `ebol qen nirem `[email protected] qen `tvuly `nte Zebolon.

يوحنا البتول ابن زبدى من أهل بيت صيدا من سبط زبولون.

+ Christ has chosen him, and made him a disciple for Himself, and also an apostle, he loved Him very much.

+ Afcwtp `mmof `nje P=,[email protected] af`erouma;ytyc [email protected] ouoh pi`[email protected] nafmei `mmof `emasw.

اختاره المسيح وصيره تلميذا له ورسولا وكان يحبه جدا.

He also after dinner, rested upon the shoulder, of our Savior and said to him, "Who will betray You."

`N;of on menenca [email protected] afrwteb `mmof `e`hryi `[email protected] `ymectenhyt `[email protected] ouoh afjoc nim vy`e;natyik.

وهو أيضا بعد العشاء اتكأ على صدر مخلصنا وقال من هو الذى يسلمك.

+ Christ has spoken of you, through His holy mouth, "If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you?"

+ `N;of on `etafcaji e;[email protected] `nje P=,=c qen rwf =e=;[email protected] je `eswp eisanouws `e,[email protected] `evai sa]`i `aqok `ncwk.

وهو أيضا الذى تكلم من أجله المسيح بفمه الطاهر. اذا أردت أن أجعله يبقى لحين مجيئى فماذا لك.

And after thirty years, from the Holy Resurrection, he wrote his Gospel, and preached to the world.

Ouoh menenca map `[email protected] `e]anactacic =e=;[email protected] af`cqai `mpef`eu`[email protected] afhiwis `mmof qen pikocmoc.

وبعد ثلاثين سنة للقيامة المقدسة كتب انجيله. وكرز به فى العالم.

+ Hail to you O martyr, hail to the Evangelist, hail to the apostle, of Christ the disciple.

+ <ere nak `w [email protected] ,ere pi`eu`[email protected] ,ere pi`[email protected] `nte P=,=c ouoh ma;ytyc.

السلام لك أيها البتول السلام للانجيلى السلام لرسول المسيح وتلميذه.

Blessed are you indeed, O beloved of Christ, John the truly chosen one, the Son of Zebedee.

Wouniatk qen oume;[email protected] `w pimenrit `nte P=,[email protected] Iwannyc picwtp `[email protected] `psyri `nZebedeoc.

طوباك بالحقيقة ياحبيب المسيح يوحنا المختار الحقيقى ابن زبدى.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O virgin and the Evangelist, John the Apostle, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `mP=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] pipar;enoc `n`eu`[email protected] Iwannyc pi`[email protected] `ntef ,a nennobi nan ebol.

أطلب عنا أيها البتول الانجيلى يوحنا الرسول ليغفر...