Archangel Raphael Doxology :: Gene`a niben `etauswpi

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


Every generation that was from, Adam to this day, find Raphael, a fortress for mankind.

Gene`a niben `[email protected] icjen Adam sa `eqoun `[email protected] cejimi gar `[email protected] efoi `ncobt `e]metrwmi.

كل الأجيال الذين كانوا من آدم الى اليوم يجدون رافائيل حصنا للبشرية.

+ Each one of the judges, the prophets and the just, and the righteous kings, were supported by him.

+ Vouai vouai `nte ni`[email protected] ni`provytyc nem ni`;[email protected] nem niourwou `[email protected] `n;of etoi `nnas] nwou.

وكل واحد من القضاة والأنبياء والأبرار والملوك والصديقين كان ناصرا لهم.

He has guided, our holy fathers the Apostles, until they restored the world, to the knowledge of the Truth.

Nenio] =e=;=u `n`[email protected] `n;of `eter[aumwit [email protected] sa`ntoutac;o `n][email protected] `eqoun `e`pcouen ]me;myi.

وأباؤنا القديسون الرسل هو الذى أرشدهم حتى ردوا المسكونة الى معرفة الحق.

+ He did not forsake, any of the struggling martyrs, of our Lord Jesus Christ, until they wore the unfading crown.

+ Ni`a;lityc `[email protected] `nte pen=o=c I=y=c P=,[email protected] `mpef`cenou `ebol `m`[email protected] sa`ntouervorin `mpi`,lom `n`atlwm.

والشهداء المجاهدون الذين لربنا يسوع المسيح لم يفارقهم جميعا حتى لبسوا الاكليل غير المضمحل.

The chosen ascetics, who were lost in the wilderness, Raphael surrounded them, until they completed their lives.

Nikecwtp `[email protected] etcwrem `ebol hi [email protected] Ravayl hikwt `[email protected] sa`ntoujwk `mpoubioc `ebol.

والنساك المختارون التائهون فى البرارى كان رافائيل يحيط بهم حتى أكملوا سعيهم.

+ Wherefore the angel of the Lord, surrounds everyone, who fears the face of God, he guards and delivers them.

+ Sare `p`aggeloc `[email protected] hikwt `m`pkw] `nouon [email protected] `eterho] qa [email protected] safrwic `erwou ouoh safnahmou.

ملاك الرب يحيط بكل خائفيه يحرسهم وينجيهم.

Let us glorify the Holy, and Co-essential Trinity, so that He may keep us, away from temptations.

Maren]wo`u `n}`[email protected] =e=;=u `n`omo`[email protected] hina `ntef`areh `[email protected] `ebol qen nipiracmoc.

فلنمجد الثالوث القدوس المساوى لكى يحفظنا من التجارب.

+ Intercede on our behalf, O holy archangel, Raphael the joy of all hearts, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Ari`precbeuin `e`hryi [email protected] `w pi`ar,y`aggeloc =e=;[email protected] Ravayl `pounof `[email protected] `ntef,a nennobi nan ebol.

اشفع فينا أمام الرب يارئيس الملائكة الطاهر رافائيل مفرح القلوب ليغفر لنا خطايانا.