Archangel Gabriel Doxology :: Gabriyl Pi`aggeloc

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


Gabriel the Archangel, was seen by Daniel, as he stood upon his feet, by the shore of the river.

Gabriyl pi`[email protected] afnau `erof `nje [email protected] efoh`i `eratf hijen [email protected] hijen nen`cvotou `m`viaro.

غبريال الملاك رآه دانيال واقفا على قدميه على شاطىء النهر.

+ He stretched out, his right hand to heaven, and he swore to the High One, who endures forever.

+ Afcouten tefjij `[email protected] `nou`inam sa `e`hryi `e`[email protected] `etafwrk `mvyet`[[email protected] vy`etsop sa `eneh.

ومد يده اليمنى الى السماء وحلف بالعلى الدائم الى الأبد.

Saying "From a time, and times to half a time, until the completion of the visions, I will show to you."

Je icjen oucyou sa [email protected] sa `tkevasi `nte [email protected] sa `pjwk `ebol `nte [email protected] `anok ]natamok `erwou.

قائلا من زمان الى زمان والى نصف زمان الى تمام الرؤيا أنا أخبرك بها.

+ Intercede on our behalf, O holy arch-angel, Gabriel the Announcer, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Ari`precbeuin `e`hryi `[email protected] `w pi`ar,`aggeloc =e=;[email protected] Gabriyl [email protected] `ntef,a nennobi nan ebol.

اشفع فينا أمام الرب الملائكة الطاهر غبريال المبشر ليغفر رئيس السمائيين ليغفر لنا خطايانا.