6th: O-oo-neiatk Enthok O Dimas :: `Wouniatk `n;ok `w Dymac

Good Friday Hymns

Fr. Isaiah Al Muharraqi


Blessed are you O Demas, the thief more than everyone on the earth, for you have gained a way no one gained.

`Wouniatk `n;ok `w Dymac [email protected] paraouon niben ethijen [email protected] je aksasni `n;[email protected] `eoueu Keri`e `mpeouai sasni `erof `eneh.

طوباك أنت يا ديماس اللص أكثر من كل من على الأرض لأنك نلت وسيلة لم ينلها أحد قط.

All your life, you were a thief in Jerusalem´s forests and one word you said to the Lord and he sent you to paradise.

Akerpekcyou [email protected] ekoi `nconi hipiiah `ssyn `nte [email protected] oucaji `nouwt akjof `[email protected] afouorpk `epiparadicoc.

كل زمانك أقمت لصاً فى غابات أورشليم وكلمة واحدة قلت للرب فارسلك إلى الفردوس.

When they crucified our Savior on the cross, they crucified two thieves with Him, one on His right and one on His left.

[email protected]
Acswpi `etau`isi `[email protected] `ejen pise `nte pi`[email protected] au`isi nemaf `nconi `cnau (=b)@ caou`i nam nem caja[i `mmof.

كان لما صلب مخلصنا على خشبة الصليب، صلبوا معه لصين عن يمينه ويساره.

And Demas, the thief on the right, cried out saying, "Remember me O Lord when You come into Your kingdom."

Afws `ebol `nje Dymac [email protected] etcaou`i nam afjw `[email protected] je `aripameu`i `w [email protected] aksan`i qen tekmetouro.

فصرخ ديماس اللص اليمين قائلاً: اذكرنى يارب متى جئت فى ملكوتك.

Our Savior said to Him, "Today you will be with Me in Paradise."

Pejaf naf `nje [email protected] je `mvoou ek`eswpi [email protected] `n`hryi qen [email protected] `ntekounof `mmok `nqytf.

قال له مخلصنا انك اليوم تكون معى فى فردوسى وتتنعم فيه.

We ask Him who was crucified on the wood of the cross, shed His divine blood for us, and trampled death by His death to forgive us our sins.

`Erevy`etaf `aly`i `ejen pise `nte pi`[email protected] af]`mpef`cnof `nnou] [email protected] afkwrf `m`vmou hiten [email protected] `m`p,w `ebol `nte nennobi.

ونحن نطلب إلى الذى رفع على خشبة الصليب وبذل دمه الإلهى عنا وابطل الموت بموته أن يغفر خطايانا.

And keep for us the lives of my fathers who are gathered here in this church from the youngest to the oldest. Say all of you, Amen let it be.

`Ef`e`areh `epiwnq `nna=o=c `nio]@ et;ouyt qen tai [email protected] icjen poukouji sapounis]@ `ajoc tyrou je `amyn ec`eswpi.

ويحفظ لنا حياة وسادتى الآباء المجتمعين فى هذه البيعة من صغيرهم إلى كبيرهم قولوا كلكم آمين يكون.