Gospel Response :: Picwma nem pi`cnof

Holy Week Hymns

Ibrahim Ayad


Your body and Your blood, are for the forgiveness of sins, and a new covenant, that You have given to Your disciples.

Picwma nem pi`cnof `[email protected] pe `p,w `ebol `nte [email protected] nem ]dia;iky `[email protected] `etaktyic `nnekma;ytyc.

جسدك ودمك، هما لغفران خطايانا، وللعد الجديد، الذى أعطيته لتلاميذك.

We have been made worthy, to partake of the tree of life, the true body, and blood of God.

Aner `pem`psa `mpi`ssyn `nte `[email protected] e;renouwm `ebol `[email protected] `ete vai pe `pcwma `mV]@ nem pef`cnof `n`aly;inoc

فاستحققنا شجرة الحياة، لنأكل منه،ا الذى هو جسد الله، ودمه الحقيقى.