The Litany

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California




Kereie leison, Kereie leison, Kereie leison (Lord Have Mercy)

Kurie `ele`ycon (=g).

O God have mercy on us.

`Vnou] nai nan.

O God hear us.

+ `Vnou] cwtem `eron.

O God behold us.

`Vnou] comc `eron.

O God look to us.

+ `Vnou] joust `eron.

O God have compassion on us.

`Vnou] senhyt qaroun.

We are Your people.

+ `Anon qa peklaoc.

We are Your creation.

`Anon qa pek`placma.

Deliver us from our enemies.

+ Nahmen `ebol qen nenjaji.

Deliver us from inflation.

Nahmen `ebol ha ou`hbwn.

We are Your servants.

+ `Anon qa nek`ebiaik.

You are the Son of God.

`Uioc :eoc `n;ok.

We believe in You.

+ Annah] `erok.

For You (have risen) and saved us.

Je (aktwnk) akcw] `mmon.

Visit us with Your salvation.

+ Jempensini qen pekoujai.

And forgive us our sins.

Ouoh ,a nennobi nan `ebol.

Kerie leison.

Kurie `ele`ycon.