Sunday Theotokia - Sixteenth-Eighteenth Parts

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California


Sixteenth Part
Who is likened unto You, O Lord among the gods, You are the true God, the Performer of miracles.

}[email protected]
Nim gar qen ninou]@ et`oni `mmok `P[[email protected] `n;ok pe `Vnou] `[email protected] et`iri `nhan`svyri

You revealed Your power, to the people, and You saved Your people, with Your arm.

+ Akouwnh `[email protected] `ebol qen [email protected] akcw] `[email protected] `n`hryi qen pekswbs.

You descended into Hades, and brought up, those who were captives, in that place.

Aksenak `e`Amen]@ ak`ini `e`[email protected] `n]e,[email protected] qen pima `ete `mmau.

And granted us again, the freedom, as a good God, for You have risen and saved us.

+ Aker`hmot nan `[email protected] `n]`eleu;[email protected] hwc Nou] `n`aga;[email protected] je aktwnk akcw] `mmon.

Seventeenth Part
Christ our God, has risen from the dead, He is the first-fruit, of those who slept.

}[email protected]
`A Pi`,rictoc Pennou]@ twnf `ebol qen nye;[email protected] `n;of pe `t`apar,[email protected] `nte ny`etauenkot.

He appeared to, Mary Magdalene, and spoke to her, and likewise said:

+ Afouonhf `[email protected] }[email protected] afcaji [email protected] `mpairy] efjw `mmoc.

"Tell My brethren, to go to, Galilee, and there they will see Me."

Je matame na`[email protected] hina `[email protected] `e}galile`[email protected] cenanau `eroi `mmau.

So Mary came forth, to the Disciples, and told them she had seen the Lord, and that He told her so.

+ Ac`i `nje [email protected] sa nima;[email protected] pejac je ainau `e`P[[email protected] ouoh nai petafjotou nac.

Eighteenth Part
It was truly, good caring, of the Saint, Mary Magdalene.

}mahmyt`[email protected]
Kalwc qen oume;[email protected] acswpi qen [email protected] `nje ;ye;ouab [email protected] }magdaliny

She came to the tomb, on the first day of the week, seeking earnestly, the Resurrection of the Lord.

+ Ac`i `epi`[email protected] qen `vouai `nte [email protected] ackw] qen ou`[email protected] `nca `T`anactacic `m`P[oic.

She saw the angel, sitting on the stone, proclaiming and saying, "He is risen He is not here."

Acnau `[email protected] efhemci hijen pi`[email protected] efws `ebol efjw `[email protected] je aftwnf `f,y `mpaima an.

Wherefore we glorify Him, proclaiming and saying, "Blessed are You O my Lord Jesus, for You have risen and saved us."

+ E;be vai ten]`wou [email protected] enws `ebol enjw `[email protected] je `k`cmarwout `w Pa[oic [email protected] je aktwnk akcw].