Sunday Theotokia - Tenth-Fifteenth Parts

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California


Tenth Part
You are more worthy, than all of the saints, to pray on our behalf, O full of grace.

Teoi `[email protected] `ehote nye;ouab [email protected] e;retwbh `[email protected] `w ;ye;meh `n`hmot.

You are exalted, more than the patriarchs, and honored more, than the prophets.

+ Te[oci `[email protected] `ehote nipatriar,[email protected] ouoh [email protected] `ehote ni`provytyc.

And you have a seeking, more special, than the Cherubim, and the Seraphim.

Ouon te [email protected] qen [email protected] `ehote Ni,[email protected] nem Niceravim.

For you are truly, the pride of our race, and the intercessor, of our souls.

+ `N;o gar `aly;[email protected] pe `psousou `[email protected] ouoh ]`[email protected] `nte nen'u,y.

Intercede for us, before our Savior, that He may keep us firm, in the upright faith.

`Ari`precbeuin `[email protected] nahren [email protected] hopwc `[email protected] qen pinah] etcoutwn.

That He may grant us, the forgiveness of our sins, in order to win mercy, through your intercessions.

+ `Ntefer`hmot [email protected] `mpi,w `ebol `nte [email protected] `ntensasni [email protected] hiten ne`precbia.

Eleventh Part
All the high names, of the incorporeal, thousands of angels, and archangels.

}mahmytou`[email protected]
Ran niben et[[email protected] `nte ni`[email protected] ni`ana `nso `[email protected] nem ar,yaggeloc.

They did not attain, your high blessedness, O who is clothed in, the glory of the Lord of hosts.

+ `Mpo`svoh `e`p[[email protected] `nte [email protected] `w ;yetjolh `mpi`[email protected] `nte `P[oic cabaw;.

You are brighter, than the sun, and more sparkling, than the Cherubim.

Tehiaktin `[email protected] `ehote `[email protected] teoi `nlam`[email protected] `ehote Ni,eroubim.

And the Seraphim, with the six wings, which are joyfully, hovering over you.

+ Nem [email protected] na picoou `[email protected] ceerripizin [email protected] qen ou`e`slylou`i.

Twelfth Part
Your glory O Mary, is higher than heaven, you are more honored than the earth, and its inhabitants.

Pe`wou [email protected] [oci `ehote `[email protected] tetaiyout `e`[email protected] nem nyetsop `nqytf.

For you are truly, the real path, leading up, to the heavens.

+ `N;o gar `aly;[email protected] te ]`ctrata `[email protected] etoi `mma`[email protected] `e`pswi `enivyou`i.

You are clothed, with joy and gladness, and girdled with power, O daughter of Zion.

`Are]hiw]@ `m`vrasi nem `p;[email protected] `aremor] `[email protected] `w `tseri `nCiwn.

O who was clothed, with the garments of the heavenly, so that you covered Adam, with the garments of grace.

+ `W ;y`etac][email protected] `n`thebcw `nna nivyou`[email protected] sa `ntechwbc `n`[email protected] `n`thebcw `mpi`hmot.

And restored him, to Paradise, the place of joy, and the dwelling of the righteous.

`Aretac;of `[email protected] `[email protected] `ptopoc `m`[email protected] `vma `nswpi `nnidikeoc.

Thirteenth Part
A true tabernacle, is Mary the Virgin, placed in its midst, the true testimonies.

+ Ou`ckyny `[email protected] te Maria }par;[email protected] eu,y qen tecmy]@ `nje nimetme;reu `etenhot.

The undefiled ark, overlaid roundabout with gold, and the mercy seat, of the Cherubim.

}kibwtoc `nat;[email protected] etosj `nnoub `ncaca [email protected] nem pi`[email protected] `n,eroubimikon.

The golden pot, where the manna was hidden, behold the Word of the Father, came and was incarnate of you.

+ Pi`ctamnoc `[email protected] `ere pimanna hyp `[email protected] ic Pilogoc `nte `[email protected] `i af[icarx `nqy].

The golden lampstand, carrying the true Light, who is the unapproachable, Light of the world.

}lu,nia `[email protected] etfai qa Piouwini `[email protected] `ete `Vouwini `[email protected] piat`sqwnt `erof.

The golden censer, carrying the live coal, and the chosen incense, with a rich aroma.

+ }soury `[email protected] etfai qa pijebc `n`,[email protected] nem pi`c;oinoufi [email protected] `n`arwmata.

The rod of Aaron, that blossomed, and the holy flower, of incense.

Pi`sbwt `nte `A`[email protected] `etafviri `[email protected] nem ]`hryri e;[email protected] `nte pi`c;oinoufi.

All these together, direct us to, the miraculous Birth, O Virgin Mary.

+ Nai tyrou [email protected] ceercummenin [email protected] `mPijinmici `n`[email protected] `w Maria }par;enoc.

Fourteenth Part
You decorated our souls, O Moses the prophet, by the honor of the tabernacle, which you have adorned.

}mahmyt`[email protected]
Akcolcel `nnen'u,[email protected] `w Mw`ucyc pi`[email protected] qen `ptaio `n]`[email protected] `etakcelcwlc `ebol.

The first tabernacle, which Moses had made, was the place of the forgiveness, for the children of Israel.

+ }`ckyny `nhoui]@ `eta Mw`ucyc ;[email protected] `nouma `n,anobi `[email protected] `nte nensyri `mPicrayl.

He made it with glory, as commanded by the Lord, and according to the patterns, shown unto him.

Af;amioc qen ou`[email protected] kata `pcaji `m`P[[email protected] nem kata nitupoc [email protected] `etaftamof `erwou.

There was an ark, in the tabernacle, overlaid with gold, within and without.

+ Ouon [email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] eclalyout `[email protected] caqoun nem cabol.

There was a mercy seat, in the tabernacle, and the golden Cherubim, overshadowed it.

Ouon ou`[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] han<eroubim `[email protected] ceerqyibi `ejwf.

There was a golden pot, in the tabernacle, and a measure of the manna, was hidden in it.

+ Ouon ou`ctamnoc `[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] `ere ousi `mmanna [email protected] `n`qryi `nqytf.

There was a golden lampstand, in the tabernacle, and the seven lamps, shown upon it.

Ouon oulu,nia `[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] `ere pisasf `[email protected] erouwini `ejwc.

There was a golden censer, in the tabernacle, and the chosen aloe, was in its midst.

+ Ouon ousoury `[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] `ere [email protected] etcwtp qen tecmy].

There was a flower of incense, in the tabernacle, smelled by all, the house of Israel.

Ouon ou`hryri `n`c;[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] euswlem `eroc [email protected] `nje na `pyi `mPicrayl.

There was the rod of Aaron, in the tabernacle, this which has blossomed, without planting or watering.

+ Ouon ou`sbwt `nte `A`[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] vai `etafviri `[email protected] ,wric [o nem `tco.

There was a golden table, in the tabernacle, and the oblation bread, was placed upon it.

Ouon ou`trapeza `[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] `pwik `n]`proc;[email protected] ,y `e`hryi `ejwc.

There was a high priest, in the tabernacle, offering sacrifices, on account of the people's sins.

+ Ouon ouar,y`[email protected] ,y qen ]`[email protected] efen souswousi `e`[email protected] `ejen ninobi `nte pilaoc.

When the Almighty, smelled the aroma, He lifted up the sins, of the people.

Afsanswlem `[email protected] `nje [email protected] saf`wli `[email protected] `nninobi `nte pilaoc.

Through Mary, the daughter of Joachim, we learned of the true Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sins.

+ `Ebol hiten [email protected] `tseri `nIw`[email protected] ancouen Pisouswousi `[email protected] `n,anobi `ebol.

Fifteenth Part
Who can speak of, the honor of the tabernacle, which was decorated, by the prophet.

Nim pe;na`[email protected] `m`ptaio `n]`[email protected] `etafcelcwlc `[email protected] `nje pi`provytyc.

When the chosen scholars, of the holy books, saw it they, were greatly amazed.

+ `Etaunau `[email protected] `nje nicwtp `[email protected] `nte ni`gravy e;[email protected] au[i`svyri `emasw.

They thought with, their enlightened minds, and explained it, through the holy books.

Aumokmek `[email protected] qen pouka] [email protected] auermyneuin `[email protected] qen ni`gravy e;ouab.

They called Mary, the daughter of Joachim, the true tabernacle, of the Lord of hosts.

+ Aumou] `[email protected] `tseri `nIw`[email protected] je ]`ckyny `[email protected] `nte `P[oic cabaw;.

They likened the ark, to the Virgin, and its chosen gold, to her purity.

Auen ][email protected] hijen }par;[email protected] peckenoub [email protected] hijen pectoubo.

They likened the mercy seat, to the Virgin, and the Cherubim of glory, overshadowing her.

+ Auen pi`[email protected] hijen }par;[email protected] ic Ni,eroubim `nte `p`[email protected] ceerqyibi `ejwc.

They likened the golden pot, to the Virgin, and the measure of the manna, to our Savior.

Auen pi`ctamnoc `[email protected] hijen }par;[email protected] pefkesi `[email protected] hijen Pencwtyr.

They likened the golden candlestand, to the Church, and the seven lamps, to its seven orders.

+ Auen ]lu,nia `[email protected] hijen }[email protected] peckesasf `[email protected] hijen pisasf `ntagma.

They likened the golden censer, to the Virgin, and its aloes, to Emmanuel.

Auen ]soury `[email protected] hijen }par;[email protected] [email protected] hijen Emmanouyl.

They likened the flower of incense, to Mary the Queen, and the chosen incense, to her virginity.

+ Auen ]`hryri `n`c;[email protected] hijen Maria ][email protected] pecke`c;oinoufi [email protected] hijen tecpar;enia.

They likened the rod of Aaron, to the wood of the Cross, which my Lord was crucified upon, in order to save us.

Auen pi`sbwt `nte `A`[email protected] hijen `pse `nte Pi`[email protected] `etaues Pa[oic `[email protected] sa `ntefcw] `mmon.

They likened the golden table, to the altar, and the oblation bread, to the Body of the Lord.

Auen ]`trapeza `[email protected] hijen pima `[email protected] `pwik `n]`pro;[email protected] hijen `Pcwma `m`P[oic.

They likened the high priest, to our Savior, the true Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sins.

Auen piar,y`[email protected] hijen [email protected] Pisouswousi `[email protected] `n,anobi `ebol.

He who offered Himself, as an acceptable sacrifice, upon the Cross, for the salvation of our race.

+ Vai `etafenf `e`[email protected] `nou;ucia [email protected] hijen Pi`[email protected] qa `poujai `mpengenoc.

His good Father, smelled Him, in evening, on Golgotha.

Afswlem `[email protected] `nje Pefiwt `n`aga;[email protected] `m`vnau `nte han`[email protected] hijen }golgo;a.

He opened the gate, of Paradise, and restored Adam, to his authority.

+ Afouwn `m`[email protected] `[email protected] aftac;o `n`[email protected] `etefar,y `nkecop.

Through Mary, the daughter of Joachim, we learned of the true Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sins.

`Ebol hiten [email protected] `tseri `nIw`[email protected] ancouen Pisouswousi `[email protected] `n,anobi `ebol.

And we also pray, that we may win mercy, through your intercessions, with the Lover of Mankind.

+ `Anon hwn [email protected] e;rensasni [email protected] hiten ne`[email protected] `ntotf `mPimairwmi.