Sunday Theotokia - Eighth & Ninth Part

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California


Seven times everyday, I will praise Your name, with all my heart, O God of everyone.

+ Sasf `ncop `[email protected] `ebol qen pahyt [email protected] ]na`cmou `[email protected] `P[oic `mpi`e`ptyrf.

I remembered Your name, and I was comforted, O King of the ages, and God of all gods.

Aier`vmeui `[email protected] ouoh aijemnom]@ `Pouro `nni`[email protected] `Vnou] `nte ninou].

Jesus Christ our true God, who has come, for our salvation, was incarnate.

+ Iycouc Pi`,rictoc Pennou]@ Pi`aly;[email protected] vy`etaf`i e;be pencw]@ afercwmatikoc.

He was incarnate, of the Holy Spirit, and of Mary, the pure Bride.

Af[icarx `[email protected] qen Pi`pneuma E;[email protected] nem `ebol qen [email protected] ]selet e;ouab.

And changed our sorrow, and all our troubles, to joy for our hearts, and total rejoicing.

+ Afvwnh `[email protected] nem penhojhej [email protected] `eourasi `[email protected] nem ou;elyl `e`ptyrf.

Let us worship Him, and sing to, His Mother Mary, the beautiful dove.

Marenoust `[email protected] ouoh `[email protected] `nTefmau [email protected] ][rompi e;necwc.

And let us all proclaim, with the voice of joy, saying hail to you Mary, the Mother of Emmanuel.

+ Ouoh `ntenws `[email protected] qen ou`cmy `n;[email protected] je ,ere ne [email protected] `:mau `nEmmanouyl.

Hail to you Mary, the salvation of our father Adam, hail... the Mother of the Refuge, hail... the rejoicing of Eve, hail... the joy of all generations.

Hail to you Mary, the joy of Abel the just, hail... the true Virgin, hail... the salvation of Noah, hail... the chaste and undefiled.

+ <ere ne [email protected] `vrasi `n`Abel pi`;[email protected] =,[email protected] }par;enoc `nta`[email protected] =,[email protected] `vnohem `nNw`[email protected] =,[email protected] ]at;wleb `ncemne.

Hail to you Mary, the grace of Abraham, hail... the unfading crown, hail... the redemption of Saint Isaac, hail... the Mother of the Holy.

Hail to you Mary, the rejoicing of Jacob, hail... myriads of myriads, hail... the pride of Judah, hail... the Mother of the Master.

Hail to you Mary, the preaching of Moses, hail... the Mother of the Master, hail... the honor of Samuel, hail... the pride of Israel.

Hail to you Mary, the steadfastness of Job the just, hail... the precious stone, hail... the Mother of the Beloved, hail... the daughter of king David.

Hail to you Mary, the friend of Solomon, hail... the exaltation of the righteous, hail... the redemption of Isaiah, hail... the healing of Jeremiah.

Hail to you Mary, the knowledge of Ezekiel, hail... the grace of Daniel, hail... the power of Elijah, hail... the grace of Elisha.

Hail to you Mary, the Mother of God, hail... the Mother of Jesus Christ, hail... the beautiful dove, hail... the Mother of the Son of God.

Hail to you Mary, who was witnessed by, all the prophets, and they said.
Behold God the Word, was incarnate of you, in an undescribable, unity.

+ <ere ne [email protected] `etauerme;re [email protected] `nje ni`provytyc [email protected] ouoh avjw `mmoc.
+ Hyppe `Vnou] [email protected] `etaf[icarx `nqy]@ qen [email protected] `natcaji `mpecry].

You are truly exalted, more than the rod, of Aaron, O full of grace.
What is the rod, but Mary, for it is the symbol, of her virginity.

Te[oci `aly;[email protected] `ehote pi`[email protected] `nte `A`[email protected] `w ;ye;meh `n`hmot.
Aspe pi`[email protected] `ebyl `[email protected] je `n;of pe `[email protected] `ntecpar;enia.

She conceived and gave birth, without a man, to the Son of the Highest, the Word Himself.
Through her prayers, and intercessions, O Lord open unto us, the gates of the Church.

+ Acerboki [email protected] ,wric [email protected] `m`Psyri `mVyet[[email protected] Pilogoc `nAidia.
+ Hiten neceu,[email protected] nem nec`[email protected] `aouwn nan `P[[email protected] `m`vro `nte }ekklycia.

I entreat You, O Mother of God, keep the gates of the church, open to the faithful.
Let us ask her, to intercede for us, before her Beloved, that He may forgive us.

}]ho `[email protected] `w };e`[email protected] ,a `vro `[email protected] efouyn `nnipictoc.
Maren]ho `[email protected] e;rectwbh `[email protected] nahren [email protected] e;ref,w nan `ebol.

Ninth Part
You are called, O Virgin Mary, the holy flower, of incense.

+ Aumou] `[email protected] Maria }par;[email protected] je ]`hryri e;[email protected] `nte pi`c;oinoufi.

Which came out, and blossomed, from the roots of the patriarchs, and the prophets.

:y`etac]ou`w `e`[email protected] acviri `[email protected] qen `;nouni `nnipatriar,[email protected] nem ni`provytyc.

Like the rod, of Aaron the priest, which blossomed, and brought forth fruit.

+ `M`vry] `mpi`[email protected] `nte `A`arwn [email protected] `etafviri `[email protected] afopt `nkarpoc.

For you gave birth to the Word, without the seed of man, and your virginity, was not corrupted.

Je `are`jvo `[email protected] a[ne `cperma `[email protected] ecoi `[email protected] `nje tecpar;enia.

Wherefore we glorify you, as the Mother of God, ask your Son, to forgive us.

+ E;be vai ten]`wou [email protected] hwc :e`[email protected] ma]ho `[email protected] e;ref,w nan `ebol.