Sunday Theotokia - You are called righteous

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California


You are called righteous, O Saint Mary, the second tabernacle, belonging to the holies.

Cemou] `ero [email protected] `w ;ye;ouab [email protected] je ]mah`cnou] `n`[email protected] `nte nye;ouab.

Wherein is placed, the rod of Aaron, and the holy flower, of incense.

+ :y`etou,y `[email protected] `nje pi`sbwt `nte `A`[email protected] nem ]`hryri e;[email protected] `nte pi`c;oinoufi.

You are clothed with purity, within and without, O pure tabernacle, the dwelling of the righteous.

Tejolh `[email protected] caqoun nem [email protected] `w ]`ckyny `nka;[email protected] `vma `nswpi `nnidikeoc.

The hosts of the high standings, and the chorus of the just, glorify you, and your blessedness.

+ Nitagma `nte `p[[email protected] nem `p,oroc `nte ni`;[email protected] [email protected] `nnemakaricmoc.

Wherefore we, magnify you befittingly, with prophetic, hymnology.

E;be vai ten[[email protected] `mmo [email protected] qen [email protected] `m`provytikon.

For they spoke of you, with great honor, O holy city, of the great King.

+ Je aucaji e;by]@ `nhan`hbyou`i [email protected] ]baki e;[email protected] `nte pinis] `nOuro.

We entreat and pray, that we may win mercy, through your intercessions, with the Lover of Mankind.

Ten]ho [email protected] e;rensasni [email protected] hiten ne`[email protected] `ntotf `mPimairwmi.