Sunday Theotokia - Second Part

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California


The ark overlaid, roundabout with gold, that was made, with wood that would not decay.

+ }kibwtoc [email protected] `nnoub `ncaca [email protected] ;y`etau;[email protected] qen hanse `naterholi.

It foretold the sign, of the God the Word, who became man, without separation.

Acersorp `n][email protected] `m`Vnou] [email protected] vy`etafswpi `[email protected] qen oumetatvwrj.

One nature out of two, a holy divinity, co-essential with the Father, an incorruptible.

+ Ouai pe `ebol qen `[email protected] oume;nou] [email protected] ecoi `[email protected] `n`omooucioc nem `Viwt.

A holy humanity, begotten without seed, co-essential with us, according to the Economy.

Nem oumetrwmi e;[email protected] ,wric [email protected] `n`omooucioc [email protected] kata ]oikonomia.

This which He has taken, from you O undefiled, He made one with Him, as a hypostasis.

+ :ai`etaf[itc `nqy]@ `w ]at;[email protected] `eafhwtp `[email protected] kata ouhupoctacic.

Wherefore everyone, magnifies you, O my Lady the Mother of God, the ever-holy.

E;be vai ouon [email protected] ce[ici `[email protected] ta[oic };e`[email protected] e;ouab `ncyou niben.

And we also pray, that we may win mercy, through your intercessions, with the Lover of Mankind.

+ `Anon hwn [email protected] e;rensasni [email protected] hiten ne`[email protected] `ntotf `mPimairwmi.

All the souls together, of the children of Israel, brought offerings unto, the tabernacle of the Lord.

"u,y niben [email protected] `nte nensyri `[email protected] au`ini `[email protected] `e]`ckyny `nte `P[oic.

Gold and silver, and precious stone, purple and scarlet, and fine linen.

+ Pinoub nem [email protected] nem pi`wni `[email protected] nem pisenc etca]@ nem pihu`akun;inon.

And they made an ark, of wood that would not decay, overlaid with gold, within and without.

Au;amio `[email protected] qen hanse `[email protected] aulalwc `[email protected] caqoun nem cabol.

You too O Mary, are clothed with the glory, of the divinity, within and without.

+ Tejolh gar [email protected] Maria }par;[email protected] `m`p`wou `nte ]me;nou]@ caqoun nem cabol.

For you have brought, unto God your Son, many people, through your purity.

Je `are`ini `[email protected] `noulaoc [email protected] `m`Vnou] [email protected] hiten petoubo.

Wherefore we, magnify you befittingly, with prophetic, hymnology.

+ E;be vai ten[[email protected] `mmo [email protected] qen [email protected] `m`provytikon.

For they spoke of you, with great honor, O holy city, of the great King.

Je aucaji e;by]@ `nhan`hbyou`i [email protected] ]baki e;[email protected] `nte pinis] `nOuro.

We entreat and pray, that we may win mercy, through your intercessions, with the Lover of Mankind.

+ Ten]ho [email protected] e;rensasni [email protected] hiten ne`[email protected] `ntotf `mPimairwmi.