Sunday Theotokia - First Part

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California


And whenever we, gather for prayer, let us bless the name, of my Lord Jesus.

Loipon ansan;wou]@ `e]`proceu,[email protected] maren`cmou `[email protected] `nte Pa[oic Iycouc.

We bless You, O my Lord Jesus, deliver us through Your name, for we have hope in You.

+ Je tenna`cmou `[email protected] `w Pa[oic [email protected] nahmen qen [email protected] je anerhelpic `erok.

That we may praise You, with Your good Father, and the Holy Spirit, for You have risen and saved us.

E;renhwc `[email protected] nem Pekiwt `n`aga;[email protected] nem Pi`pneuma E;[email protected] je (aktwnk) akcw] `mmon.

Glory be to the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and unto, the age of all ages. Amen.

+ Doxa Patri ke `[email protected] ke `Agiw `[email protected] ke nun ke `a`i ke ic [email protected] `e`wnac twn `e`wnwn `amyn.

First Part:


You are called righteous, O blessed one, among women, the second tabernacle.

Cemou] `ero [email protected] `w ;yet`[email protected] qen [email protected] je ]mah`cnou] `n`ckyny.

Which is called, the holy, of holies, wherein are the tablets.

+ :y`etoumou] `[email protected] je ;ye;[email protected] `nte nye;[email protected] `ere ni`plax `nqytc.

Of the covenant, and the ten commandments, which are written, by the finger of God.

`Nte ]dia;[email protected] nem pimyt `[email protected] nai `etaf`[email protected] `nje pityb `nte `Vnou].

They have directed us, to the Iota, the name of salvation, of Jesus Christ.

+ Ceersorp `[email protected] nan `[email protected] piran `[email protected] `nte Iycouc Pi`,rictoc.

Who was incarnate, of you without change, and became the Mediator, of a new covenant.

Vai `etaf[icarx `nqy]@ qen oumetatsib]@ afswpi `[email protected] eudia;yky `mberi.

Through the shedding, of His holy Blood, He purified the faithful, to be a justified people.

+ `Ebol hiten `[email protected] `nte Pef`cnof e;[email protected] aftoubo `nnye;nah]@ eulaoc eu`;maiof.

Wherefore everyone, magnifies you, O my Lady the Mother of God, the ever-holy.

E;be vai ouon [email protected] ce[ici `[email protected] ta[oic };e`[email protected] e;ouab `ncyou niben.

And we also pray, that we may win mercy, through your intercessions, with the Lover of Mankind.

+ `Anon hwn [email protected] e;rensasni [email protected] hiten ne`[email protected] `ntotf `mPimairwmi.

Who can speak of, the honor of the tabernacle, which Moses had made, on Mount Sinai.

Nim pe;na`[email protected] `m`ptaio `n]`[email protected] `eta Mw`ucyc ;[email protected] hijen `ptwou `nCina.

He made it with glory, as commanded by the Lord, and according to the pattern, shown unto him.

+ Af;amioc qen ou`[email protected] kata `pcaji `m`P[[email protected] nem kata nitupoc [email protected] `etautamof `erwou.

Therein Aaron, and his sons served, the example of the highest, in the shadow of the heavenly ones.

:y `ere `A`[email protected] nem nefsyri semsi `[email protected] qen `ptupoc `nte `p[[email protected] nem `tqyibi `nte na `tve.

They likened it to you, O Virgin Mary, the true tabernacle, wherein dwelt God.

+ Auten;wni `[email protected] Maria }par;[email protected] ]`ckyny `[email protected] `ere `Vnou] caqoun `mmoc.

Wherefore we, magnify you befittingly, with prophetic, hymnology.

E;be vai ten[[email protected] `mmo [email protected] qen [email protected] `m`provytikon.

For they spoke of you, with great honor, O holy city, of the great King.

+ Je aucaji e;by]@ `nhan`hbyou`i [email protected] ]baki e;[email protected] `nte pinis] `nOuro.

We entreat and pray, that we may win mercy, through your intercessions, with the Lover of Mankind.

Ten]ho [email protected] e;rensasni [email protected] hiten ne`[email protected] `ntotf `mPimairwmi.