Sunday Psali for St. Mary

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California


I believe wherefore I spoke, with great strength, about Your great mercy, O Lord of powers.
Help me my Lord, Jesus the Compassionate, to glorify my Lady, Your Mother the Bride.

Ainah] e;be [email protected] aicaji qen [email protected] e;be peknis] `[email protected] `P[oic `nte nijom.
Bo`y;in `eroi Pa[[email protected] Iycouc [email protected] e;ri]`wou `nta[[email protected] Tekmau `nselet.

For truly, this Virgin, who is full of honor, was greatly exalted.
David spoke of her saying, "The Lord has chosen Zion, He came and dwelt in her, in order to save us."

+ Ge gar `aly;[email protected] ac[ici `[email protected] `nje taiPar;[email protected] e;meh `ntaio.
+ Dauid afcaji e;[email protected] je `a `P[oic cwtp `[email protected] af`i afswpi `[email protected] sa `ntefcw] `mmon.

This is Mary, who brought unto us, the eternal, freedom.
Zachariah has said, "The golden lampstand, which was made, with golden hands."

`Ete ;ai te [email protected] `etac`ini [email protected] `n]`ele;[email protected] `n`e`wnion.
Za,ariac [email protected] je ]lu,nia `[email protected] ;y`etau;[email protected] qen hanjij `nnoub.

Isaiah said to us, with a joyful voice, that "She will give birth to, Emmanuel for us."
This is Jerusalem, the city of our God, the throne of all ranks, of the Cherubim.

+ `Yca`yac afjoc [email protected] qen ou`cmy `n;[email protected] je ec`emici [email protected] `nEmmanouyl.
+ :ai te [email protected] `tpolic `mPennou]@ `pharma `nNi,[email protected] etoi `nou;o `nry].

Ezekiel has witnessed, and revealed this to us, saying "I saw a door, to the east.
The Lord the Savior, entered into it, and it remained, thoroughly shut as before."

Iezekiyl auerme;[email protected] afouwnh nan `[email protected] je ainau `[email protected] `nca nima`nsai.
Kurioc [email protected] afse `eqoun [email protected] ac`ohi [email protected] `mpecry] kalwc.

All the nations sing, with different tongues, to the Theotokos, the Mother of the Messiah.
Mary the chaste, the joy of the righteous, and truly she is the joy, of the faithful.

+ Laoc niben [email protected] nem niacpi `[email protected] `e};e`[email protected] `:mau `mMaciac.
+ Maria ][email protected] `pounof `[email protected] ouoh `n`aly;[email protected] `vrasi `nnipictoc.

You are the tabernacle, and the ark, which Moses has made, with great honor.
Beyond all the thoughts, of the heavens, is this mysterious matter, of the mercy seat.

`N;o te ]`[email protected] `eta Mw`ucyc ;[email protected] qen ounis] `[email protected] ouoh `n]kibwtoc.
Xa`pswi `[email protected] `n`[email protected] `nje paihwb `n`[email protected] `nte pi`ilactyrion.

Great is the glory, of your virginity, O full of glory, O Saint Mary.
The honored vessel, and the lampstand, the pure censer, full of blessings.

+ Ounis] pe `p`[email protected] `nte tepar;[email protected] `w ;ye;meh `n`[email protected] ]`agia Maria.
+ Pi`ctamnoc [email protected] ouoh ]lu,[email protected] ]soury [email protected] e;meh `neulogia.

All the high names, of the incorporeal, did not reach the height, of your blessedness.
You resemble the rod, of Aaron, which blossomed and budded, and produced its fruit.

Ran niben et[[email protected] `nte ni`[email protected] `mpou`svoh `e`p[[email protected] `nte nemakaricmoc.
Ceten;wn] `epi`[email protected] `nte `A`[email protected] `etafviri `ebol [email protected] ouoh af]karpon.

You are exalted, more than the Cherubim, and honored more, than the Seraphim.
The Son of God our God, you gave birth to, we glorify Him as God, and also worship Him.

+ Te[oci `[email protected] `ehote Ni,[email protected] tetaiyout `nhou`[email protected] `eNiceravim.
+ `Uioc :eoc Pennou]@ `aremici `[email protected] ten]`wou naf hwc Nou]@ ouoh tenouwst `mmof.

He who abides in light, whom no one can approach, showed us His miracles, and you fed Him.
Hail to you Mary, the beautiful dove, full of wisdom, the Mother of Jesus Christ.

Vyetsop qen [email protected] `nat`sqwnt `[email protected] afouwnh `[email protected] `are] `erw] `erwf.
<ere ne [email protected] ][rompi e;[email protected] e;meh `[email protected] `:mau `nIycouc Pi`,rictoc.

For the rest of our days, we will praise you, O full of glory, and clothed with purity.
Be patient O Lover of Man, with Your servant, and forgive us our sins, and accept us.

+ "epi `nte nen`[email protected] tenereuvomin `[email protected] `w ;ye;meh `n`[email protected] tejolh `mpitoubo.
+ `Wou`nhyt [email protected] `e`hryi `ejen [email protected] ,w nan `ebol `[email protected] ouoh sopten `erok.