The Hymn for the Resurrection

English Midnight Praises - 1

St. Anthony Monastery, California


We look at the Resurrection of Christ, and we worship the holy Jesus Christ our Lord. Who alone is without sin. We bow down to Your Cross, O Christ, and we praise and glorify Your Resurrection. For you are our God and we know none but You, and after Your name we are called. Glory be to the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

+ Tennau `e`T`anactacic `mPi`,rictoc ouoh tenouwst `mVye;ouab Iycouc Pi`,rictoc Pen[[email protected] vyetoi `na;nobi `mmauatf. Tenouwst `mPek`ctauroc `w Pi`,[email protected] tenhwc ten]`wou `nTek`anactacic. Je `n;ok gar pe Pennou]@ ouoh `ntencwoun `nkeouai an `ebyl `[email protected] ouoh qen pekran cemou] `eron. Doxa Patri ke `Uiw ke `Agiw `Pneumati.

Come all you believers let us bow down to the Resurrection of Christ. Behold, through His Cross, joy has entered into the whole world. Let us bless the Lord continually, and glorify His Resurrection. For He was patient and destroyed death by His Death. Now and forever and unto the age of all ages, Amen.

+ `Amwini tyrou nipictoc `ntenouwst `n`T`anactacic `mPi`,rictoc. Je hyppe `ebol hiten Pef`[email protected] af`i `nje `vrasi `eqoun `epikocmoc tyrf. Maren`cmou `e`P[oic `ncyou [email protected] ouoh `nten]`wou `nTef`anactacic. Je aferhupomonin ouoh afqomqem `m`vmou hiten Pefmou. Ke nun ke `a`i ke ic touc `e`wnac twn `e`[email protected] `amyn.

All joy befits you, O Mother of God, for through you, Adam returned to Paradise. And Eve gained grace to replace her sadness. Through you she gained freedom once more, as well as eternal salvation. And we too let us glorify you, as a treasure of the Resurrection. Hail to the sealed treasure, through which we were given life. Hail to her who gave birth to Christ our God who gave us life, through His Resurrection. Blessed are you O Lord, teach me Your statutes.

+ Nirasi tyrou cetwmi `ero `w };e`otokoc. Je `ebol hito] autac;o `n`Adam `ePiparadicoc. `Eac[i `noucolcel `nje `Eua `e`vma `mpec`mkah`nhyt. `Eac[i `n]`eleu;eria `[email protected] e;by] nem pioujai `n`e`wnion. `Anon de hwn maren]`wou [email protected] hwc ou`aho `nte }`anactacic. Je ,ere pi;ucauroc ettob `etaner`apoleuin `mpiwnq `ebol hitotf. <ere ;y`etacmici nan `mPi`,rictoc Pennou]@ ouoh af] nan `mpiwnq `ebol hiten Tef`anactacic. `K`cmarwout `P[[email protected] ma`tcaboi `enekme;myi.

The angelic hosts were amazed when they saw You counted among the dead. Yet You destroyed the power of death O Savior. You raised Adam with You and freed him form Hades. Blessed are you, O Lord, teach me Your statutes.

+ Ni`c`tratia `naggelikon autwmt qen `pjin`;rounau `erok `eauopk nem nirefmwout. Ouoh akqomqem `n]jom `nte `vmou `w Picwtyr. Ouoh aktounoc `Adam nemak ouoh akaif `nremhe `ebol qen `Amen]. `K`cmarwout `P[[email protected] ma`tcaboi `enekme;myi.

Why did you mix fragrant oil, weeping and mourning, with each other O Disciples of the Lord? The luminous angel at the tomb said to the women carrying the spices, "Look and be aware that the Savior has risen from the dead." Blessed are you, O Lord, teach me Your statutes.

+ E;be ou nicojen nem ninehpi nem nirimi teten;wt `mmwou nem nou`[email protected] `w nima;ytyc `nte `P[oic. Peje piaggeloc ethiebryj `ebol qaten pi`mhau `nnihiomi `[email protected] `anau de `n;wten ouoh `ari`[email protected] je af`ohi `eratf `nje Picwtyr ouoh aftwnf `ebol qen nye;mwout. `K`cmarwout `P[[email protected] ma`tcaboi `enekme;myi.

The women rushed very early to Your tomb, carrying fragrant oil while crying. But the angel stood before them saying, "The time of weeping is over, do not weep but preach the Resurrection to the Apostles." Blessed are you, O Lord, teach me Your statutes.

+ `Nswrp `emasw auiyc `mmwou `epek`[email protected] `nje nihiomi `mfaicojen eunehpi. Alla af`ohi `eratf hijwou `nje piaggeloc efjw `mmoc [email protected] je `pcyou `[email protected] afheri `[email protected] alla `arihiwis `n}`anactacic `nni`apoctoloc. `K`cmarwout `P[[email protected] ma`tcaboi `enekme;myi.

The women came to Your tomb, carrying fragrant oil and incense O Savior. They heard the angel say to them, "Why do you seek the living among the dead," and He being God is risen from the tomb. Glory be to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

+ Nihiomi `mfaicojen au`i `epek`mhau nem pi`c;oinoufi `w Picwtyr. Ouoh aucwtem `epiaggeloc efjw `mmoc [email protected] je e;be ou tetenkw] `nca vyetonq nem nirefmwout. Ouoh `n;of hwc Nou] aftwnf `ebol qen pi`mhau. Doxa Patri ke `Uiw ke `Agiw `Pneumati.

We worship the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, one in essence. And we proclaim and say with the Cherubim, "Holy, holy, holy are You O Lord." Now and forever, and unto the age of all ages amen. (3)

+ Tenouwst `m`Viwt nem `Psyri nem Pi`pneuma E;[email protected] qen ]metouai `nte ]oucia. Ouoh `ntenws `ebol nem Ni,[email protected] je `,ouab `,ouab `,ouab `n;ok `P[oic. Ke nun ke `a`i ke ic touc `e`wnac twn `e`[email protected] `amyn. (=g)

You gave birth O Virgin to the Giver of Life, and you saved Adam from sin. You gave joy to Eve instead of sorrow. And gave us life and salvation from corruption and alteration. You became our intercessor before God our Savior, who was incarnate of you.

+ `Aremici `w }par;enoc `m`Vref] `m`[email protected] ouoh `arenohem `n`Adam `ebol qen `vnobi. `Are] `m`pounof `n`Eua `n`tsebiw `mpec`mkah`[email protected] ouoh `areer`hmot nan `m`pwnq nem `vnohem `ebol qen `ptako nem `psib]. `Areswpi nan `nou`proctatyc nahren `Vnou] Penrefcw]@ vy`etaf[icarx `ebol `nqy].