2nd: The Gospel Response :: Af`i `nje P=o=c sa By;ani`a

The Feast of the Pentecost

Higher Institute of Coptic Studies (HICS)


The Lord came to Bethany, with His holy disciples, He raised His hands and blessed them, and ascended into the heavens.

Af`i `nje P=o=c sa By;ani`[email protected] nem nefma;ytyc =e=;[email protected] affai `nnefjij af`cmou `[email protected] afsenaf `e`pswi `enivyou`i.

جاء الرب إلي بيت عنيا مع تلاميذه القديسين، ورفع يديه وباركهم. وصعد الي السموات.

The heavenly and the earthly, the principalities and the authorities, submitted to His majesty, and those under the earth.

Au`[nejwou `mpef`amahi `nje na`tve nem na `pkahi ni`ar,y ni`exoucia nemny etcapecyt `m`pkahi.

خضعت لعزته السماويون والأرضيون والرؤساء والمتسلطون، وما تحت الأرض.

And we also entreat You, O who ascended into the heavens, to forgive us our many sins, and our old iniquities.

Anon hwn tentwbh `[email protected] `w vy`etafolf `[email protected] e;reffw] `nnennobi etos nem nen`anomi`a `n`ar,eoc.

ونحن أيضاً نتضرع إليك يا من صعد إلي السماء لكي، تمح خطايانا الكثيرة، وآثامنا القديمة.

Let us worship our Savior, the good One and Lover of mankind, for He had compassion upon us, and has come and saved us.

Marenouwst `[email protected] pimairwmi `n`aga;[email protected] je `n;of afsenhyt [email protected] af`i ouoh afcw] `mmon.

فلنسجد لمخلصنا محب البشر الصالح لأنه تراءف علينا أتي و خلصنا.

Blessed be the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the perfect Trinity. We worship Him and glorify Him.

Je `f`cmarwout `nje `Viwt nem [email protected] nem pi`Pneuma =e=;[email protected] }`triac etjyk `[email protected] tenouwst `mmoc ten]`wou nac.

مبارك الآب والابن والروح القدس، الثالوث الكامل، نسجد له ونمجده.