Any Apostle Doxology :: :wou] tyrou maren;elyl

Annual Doxologies

Cantor Gad Lewis


Gather all and let us rejoice, in the honored remembrance, of the trusted disciple, (....) the Apostle.

:wou] tyrou maren;[email protected] qen pi`ervmeu`i [email protected] `nte pima;ytyc `[email protected] (....) pi`apoctoloc.

اجتمعوا كلكم لنتهلل فى التذكار المكرم الذى للتلميذ المؤتمن(...) الرسول.

+ For his chosen struggle, and his great and wonderful glory, that dwells upon the whole earth, became a guide for us.

+ Je afswpi nan `n[[email protected] `nje pef`agwn [email protected] nem pinis] `n`wou `n`[email protected] `etsop hijen `pkahi tyrf.

لأنه صار لنا هاديا بجهاده المختار ومجده العظيم العجيب الكائن على الأرض كلها.

He confessed to Christ, saying "He is the Son of God," he preached His holy Name, to all the nations.

Afer`omologin `mP=,[email protected] je `n;of pe Psyri `mV]@ afhiwis qen pefran =e=;[email protected] `n`hryi qen ni`e;noc tyrou.

واعترف بالمسيح أنه ابن الله. وبشر باسمه القدوس فى جميع الأمم.

+ He completed his struggle, with great courage, he wore the unfading crown, of the Apostles.

+ Afjwk `ebol `mpef`[email protected] qen ounis] `[email protected] afervorin `mpi`,lom `[email protected] `nte ]met`apoctoloc.

وأكمل جهاده بشجاعة عظيمة ونال الاكليل غير المضمحل الذى للرسولية.

He came to the place of rest, and leaned upon Christ, with his apostolic friends, in the Kingdom of heaven.

Afhwl `enima`[email protected] ouoh afrwtem nem P=,[email protected] nem nef`svyr `n`[email protected] `n`hryi qen `;metouro `nnivyou`i.

ومضى إلى مواضع النياح واتكأ مع المسيح ورفقائه الرسل فى ملكوت السموات.

+ Pray to the Lord on our behalf,O disciple of Christ, (...) the Apostle, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Twbh `m`P=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] `w pima;ytyc `nte P=,[email protected] (...) [email protected] `ntef ,a nenobi nan `ebol.

أطلب من الرب عنا يا تلميذ المسيح (...) الرسول ليغفر...