Very Early Sunday Morning

The Feast of the Resurrection & the Holy Fifties

Deacons of the Los Angeles Diocese


- Very early Sunday morning,
Before the dawn's light appears,
Jesus is risen declaring, Victory no more defeat.

Resurrection is my song, Resurrection gave me life,
Resurrection made me strong, Jesus my Lord is alive

- Jesus is risen in glory,
Heaven and earth sang and praised,
And the angels told the story, He is risen as He said.

- Mary Magdalene was looking,
In the garden for her Lord,
While Jesus was telling, Her to go and spread the word.

- All the disciples were praying,
They were really in great fear,
When Mary came to them saying, He is risen He is not here.

- While they were in the room,
Jesus Christ Himself appeared,
My peace I gave to you, And my peace with you I leave.

- But Thomas did not believe,
What the disciples have seen,
So Jesus again appeared, Showed him the place of the spear.

- Tell the Marys no more mourning,
Among the dead do not seek,
For Jesus our Lord is living, Giving power to the weak.

- Jesus my victorious Lord,
Conquered the powers of hades,
And the thorn of death He broke, My salvation He declared.

- The heavenly hosts were singing,
Welcoming our glorious Lord,
And the joy is overwhelming, He opened the doors of hope.

- Alleluia Alleluia,
Risen is the Lord of peace,
Alleluia Alleluia, Truly He is risen indeed.