The 1st Doxology (General) :: Tote rwn afmoh `nrasi :: الذكصولوجية الأولى

The Feast of the Resurrection & the Holy Fifties

Ibrahim Ayad


Then our mouths are filled with joy, and our tongues with rejoicing, for our Lord Jesus Christ, has risen from the dead.

Tote rwn afmoh `[email protected] ouoh penlac qen ou;[email protected] je Pen[oic Iycouc Pi`,[email protected] aftwnf `ebol qen nye;mwout.

حينئذ إمتلأ فمُنا فرحاً، ولساننا تهليلاً، لأن ربنا يسوع المسيح، قام من بين الأموات.

+ He has abolished death by His might, and made life shine upon us, He is the One who has descended, to the lower parts of the earth.

+ Afkwrf `m`vmou qen [email protected] af`;re`pwnq erouwini `[email protected] `n;of on vy`[email protected] `enima etcapecyt `m`pkahi.

+ بقوته أبطل الموت، وجعل الحياة تضئ لنا، وهو أيضاً الذي مضى، إلى الأماكن التي أسفل الأرض.

The gatekeepers of Hades, saw Him and were afraid, He abolished the pangs of death, and He was not held by them.

Ni`mnout `nte `Amen]@ aunau `erof auerho]@ aftako `nninakhi `m`[email protected] `mpou`sjemjom `n`amoni `mmof.

بوابو الجحيم، رأوه وخافوا، وأهلك طلقات الموت، فلم تستطع أن تمسكه.

+ He has crushed the gates of brass, and broke the bars of iron, and brought out His chosen ones, with rejoicing and with joy.

+ Afqomqem `nhanpuly `[email protected] afkws `nhanmo,louc `[email protected] af`ini `nnefcwtp `[email protected] qen ouounof nem ou;elyl.

+ سحق الأبواب النحاس، وكسر المتاريس الحديد، وأخرج مُختاريه، بفرح وتهليل.

He lifted them up with Him, into His place of rest, and saved them for His name’s sake, He revealed His power to them.

Af`olou `e`p[ici [email protected] `eqoun `enefma `[email protected] afnahmou e;be [email protected] afouwnh `ntefjom nwou `ebol.

وأصعدهم معه إلى العلو، إلى مواضع راحته، خلصهم لأجل إسمه، وأظهر قوته لهم.

+ Therefore we are wealthy, with perfect gifts, and with faith we sing, saying “Alleluia.”

+ E;be vai tenoi `nrama`[email protected] qen ni`aga;on etjyk `[email protected] qen ounah] tener'[email protected] enjw `mmoc je allylouia.

+ من أجل هذا نحن أغنياء، بالخيرات الكاملة، وبإيمان نرتل، قائلين "هلليلويا."

Alleluia (4), Jesus Christ the King of glory, has risen from the dead.

Allylouia (=d)@ Iycouc Pi`,rictoc `Pouro `nte `p`[email protected] aftwnf `ebol qen nye;mwout.

هلليلويا (4)، يسوع المسيح ملك المجد، قام من بين الأموات.

+ This is He who is worthy of glory, with His good Father, and the Holy Spirit, both now and forever.

+ Vai `ere pi`wou er`prepi [email protected] nem Pefiwt `n`aga;[email protected] nem Pi`pneuma E;[email protected] icjen ]nou nem sa `eneh.

+ هذا الذي ينبغي له المجد، مع أبيه الصالح، والروح القدس، من الآن وإلى الأبد.