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  • First of all, its an Anglican church. Its not coptic and you can tell, there are no crosses or icons anywhere on the walls of the church. This church is right in the middle of tahrir sq. Also, Christians do not hate, not even other religions. If a m…
  • Song of Songs is a tough book to read. Most protestants refer to it as a book of king solomons sexual experience with a woman (always refering to touching, feeling, and various parts of a womans anatomy). The church fathers FIRMLY believe that the b…
  • An anchorite is what is refered to in arabic as a "sewah" like anba nopher or abouna abdel masseih el manahry el makari. A hermit is one who lives in solitude with limited contact with people. Abouna Abraam St. Thomas comes to South Carolina sometim…
  • you wanted a story...and i will give you one...its kinda long, but ill try to shrink it. I simply fell in love with this indian girl...she was not Christian. im sure if u are reading this you are probably asking "what was he thinking". honestly, at…
  • are u sure thats what it said, because i read it and thats not what i got form it (it being question number four).
  • hey man...I know how you feel. Let me start off by telling you how lucky you are that you are getting such a dream, though it is troubling. The positive side is that sayedna in your dream represents Gods thoughts and his works. Obviously God uses Hi…
    in dreams Comment by ron May 2007
  • what church did this happen at? That sounds crazy....did anybody take any pictures or anything of them?
  • LEAVE IT. just because you have long hair, doesnt mean you are sinning or to the bible verse mentioned earlier, it was dishonor to have long hair like the women did down to their back. Secondly, monks are not allowed to cut their hair.…
    in hair Comment by ron June 2006
  • WOW!!! that is beautiful, i wish i knew what it was in english
  • I have a best friend. We have absolutely nothing in common. We live completely different lifestyles. The thing that makes us friends is the respect, loyalty, and trust. It is a simple combination
  • My favorite saints are Pope Kyrillos VI and Abouna Abd El Masseih al Makari
  • Child: Hey daddy, I have a tummy ache and my head is hurting. Father: Are you okay baby? Do you need a drink or something to eat to make you feel better? Child: Yes please daddy, it’s really hurting me. Father: Come with me my baby ill find you s…
    in POems!!!:) Comment by ron December 2004