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  • i thought mokawkas was Greek, appointed by the romans !! was I wrong ?
  • arbible i just had a look at the web page you refered to " the shroud of turine" it confirms what i said about the place of the nails being above the wrist joint if you have your hand down, contradictory to the movie, where they peirced His hand in …
  • Abanoub88 I surely agree with you. In the movie theater, it was enought o look at the people coming out of the movie to tell which movie they watched. I am encouraging all my friends to watch it. There is a remark I heard though, which is, the mo…
  • If you are interested to know more about this, there is this great great book by St. Athanasius "on the incarnation" you can find it almost everywhere if it is not in your church library or book store, also in Barnes and Noble, it is not a big book,…
  • In the movie he was pierced in the palm, which is wrong, he was actually pierced above the wrist joint. so, you are right. :)
  • I was just at Barnes and Noble yesterday, and they had the CDs there, it is called Pimsler, and it should have the pyramids on it, make sure it is Egyptian arabic, since there is different dialects. I have to say i am not so crazy about learning it,…
  • Again i tried and it limited me to 5 downloads ...!!!
  • i tried to download some mp3 last night about midnight, and it did not work at all !!!!
  • thank you for your reply, but i have not downloaded for days, and i started my first one after midnight, i will try again tonight ans see what happens. thank you.
  • you are right about the silver , thank you for correcting me, did you also notice how close the Aramiac language to the Arabic ? i picked up a few words during the movie.
  • nicki, i know a couple of american people who used CDs to learn arabic, and honestly they are doing real good and their accent is just great, if you want i can find out what CDs these are and where they got them from. also if you watched the " Pass…
  • I went and watched the movie, and i guess i have so much to say, it is a real well made, well directed movie, i think it is a piece of art, there was some mistakes in the movie, in relation to what is written in the bible; the way i remember it is t…