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  • Dear Dioscoros, Thank you very much! God bless you,
  • Dear Dioscoros, Do you have some acts of the Third Council of Ephesus (475) and some texts of St Timothy II against 2 natures? God bless you,
  • Dear Dioscoros, Thank you!!! God bless you,
  • Dear Dioscoros, Can you show me text, where St Cyril wrote, that talking about 2 “unified” natures is nestorianism? It is very interesting. God bless you,
  • Mabsoota, dear friend, You are right. Original sin is not a sin in the sense of personal guilt, but a distortion of our nature. Its main consequence is the "death of the soul", i.e. lack of fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Luckily, fellowship wit…
  • I read a book “Christology of Assyrian Church of East”, written by russian historian Nicolai Selesnev. (Official Assyrian Church recommends to read it on their russian website). In this book he had broken a lot of myths, connected with this Church.
  • Talking about Armenian Church, St. Gregory Tatnvatsi did not teach about the Immaculate Conception, but taught that Mary and some of the Prophets were cleansed from original sin in the womb before birth. But this, I think, is only his private opinio…
  • My friend, The mistake of the Chalcedonites is that they distorted the understanding of the concept of nature. Nature is a general concept, not a particular one. Nature cannot mean "part of Christ." So, Dr. Khosrovik Targmanich (who took part in…
  • Hello Dioscorus, The main problem here is not the faith, but some proudnes of chalkinodian. St Nerses Shnorali didn’t have faith disagreement with them. He wrote about 2 wills in one. But Greek wanted us to accept all their Councils and change our …
  • Hello Dioscoros, Here is the difference. We believe that Adam (if he would have wanted by his free will) could felt starvation before fall. Khosrovik Targmanich, great Armenian theologian took part in Manzikert Council. Не wrote: «He [Christ] man…
  • Hello Dioscorus, What is the difference between blameless passions before and after fall in your opinion? God bless you,
  • Hello Dioscorus, The difference between us I see in the little things. We believe that Adam before sin and Christ after Resurrection were still able to have some blameless and voluntary passions. That’s why we can’t call it “corruption”, because G…
  • Hello, I know the position of Gregory of Tatev. But Armenian Apostolic have other saints with different opinion. For instance, our Catholicos St Nerses IV the Gracious (Shnorhali) (1102-1173) believed that we have one faith with Greek Orthodox a…
  • Hello, Dioscorus, Thank you for your answer! I am not sure that the anathema against Severus of Antioch does not exist today in the Armenian Church, because I heard from some priests the opposite information. Armenian theologians accused him of t…
  • By the doctrine of corruption I mean that the human nature of Christ was changed in resurrection from corruption (not biological, but in passions) to incorruption (to the first nature of Adam). EO and Catholic Churches accept this doctrine.
  • It’s a pity, but it is not possible. You should choose one Church, where you go all your life with your future wife. Or you will have family problems with wife and future children because of different churches.
  • Talking about Armenian Church, for us all Churches with apostolic succession are absolutely real Churches of Christ. However, we consider ourselves most close to the truth.