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  • Thank you very much
  • That is the conclusion I reached as well while researching this: if neither one was authentic to begin with but both are accepted now, then it is okay to know and chant both since they are both coptic hymns.
  • That is what I said Kerlous, or rather attempted to say, but it didn't make Minatasgeel very happy lol 
  • Im sorry Mina, excuse my ignorance, but do you have any other insight as to which psalm 150 is more authentic?
  • Right but the only source we know of for the long one is tawfik and he also rakebha on his own sherat. I don’t get how it could be any more credible than ibraheem ayad’s
  • Was that one recorded do you know? And do you have a recording of tawfik’s sherat? I would appreciate any more information about that third long one if you know anything more Thank you