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  • Hello, Here is my humble attempt at answering your question. Before the crucifixion, the righteous also were in Hades. Hades was a waiting place for Hell. This is analogous to Paradise being a waiting place for those who will go to the Kingdom of He…
  • This is very romantic. ;-)
  • @Kyrillos97You mention:  "I'm not sure why you say God can't change the rules? Yes God's nature is immutable but his laws are not necessarily part of his nature. To say that God can't change the rules is to say that there is another being above God …
  • Dear @Kyrillos97  I wrote a post to share with you. You didn't acknowledge it, which makes me think you disagree, so I erased it.However, I would not totally agree with your wording below
  • Dear @Kyrillos97 No. God cannot change the rules.  Are you familiar with God's nature? His Nature is perfectly Just, Merciful and Immutable. He cannot change. Changing the rules simply undoes free will. Doesn't it. Why create us free to sin if you t…
  • Dear brothers and sisters, I'm new to this forum. I'm no theologian whatsoever, but am intrigued by this subject.  Are there any priests online who can help on these questions?