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  • Thank you..
    in Divorce Comment by gerlinda May 2019
  • My Lord , My Savior , My Mesiah, I pray for the Coptic Church ...
    in Divorce Comment by gerlinda May 2019
  • Thank you... I truly agree , but can I marry in the Coptic church too then again.. I am the first wife... ? And if the church is changing and making divorce and marying so easy.. I thought it is a sacrament ... and be truly respected
    in Divorce Comment by gerlinda May 2019
  • Just to let you know , I stopped going to the church because all of this. , also my children practice their faith in our Lord by attending evangelical churches.. I am so sorry to tell you all this.. but some things I may not understand being none…
  • Hi everyone , this is a very interesting conversation... I am living in Australia, born catholic became coptic and married in the Coptic Church. I truly believe the Church and his teachings , although I have endure misunderstanding and grief. I hav…