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  • Hello Tenoosht,Thank you very much that was helpful, still my question was, as qwae said it was a spelling error what I meant to say is, not "Meditating" but "Mediating", so, is Jesus intercessor? I was googling to Coptic teaching and what I found i…
  • Sorry I didn't have a clue why you didn't take off your shoes, actually and suppose we should first take off our sins which is abide in us. Ethiopian orthodox are mostly focusing on the slight (not actually) things. for your information, I don't kno…
  • @Daniel so you are saying it is okay to have shoes in the Nave? why only shoes off in the altar? the rest of the church is not holy? as far as I know and understand the place where I am standing to pray is a holy place, even  praying at my place I w…
  • @Mike it does exists only in Ethiopian Orthodox church which we are proud of and for your reference please read "Sacred sites of Ethiopia and the Arc of the covenant" & "Keepers of the lost Ark?" these two books will give you a lot more informat…