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  • Oh okay I was just wondering after I read that article but thank you for explaining it Minatasgeel
  • The difference is basically how we use the terms nature and hypostasis really that's it father peter actually has an article explaining miaphysis If you would want to read it
  • We have always been persecuted since the beginning of our history whether by the romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Turks. We have stayed strong and will continue to stay strong. And also I say to you peter I shall build my church and the gates of hades sh…
  • Your totally right Daniel_kyrillos but where would people even find this out are there any books that talk about the hymns at all
  • Hey Danny I agree with you I love our music and the thing is our music is not meant to to entertain or to stir up emotion its purpose is to worship god and here's an article from return to orthodoxy its talks about how the music of the church and …
  • You are aware that the Coptic church is not pluralistic and we affirm the nicene creed which is explicitly trinatarian and states that there three persons or hypostasis but one divine esssnce
  • oh okay i understand  i agree with you personally feel like maybe Cyril may have perfected our christology   
  • Can u show me I've been trying to find out where it was used in our tradition before Cyril the most I found was a letter of St.Athanasius to Epicentus where he says if u divide the humanity and divinity of Christ you essentially deny the incarnation…
  • I meant the byzantines use both terminolgies together not us
  • Oh so he purposefully baptized the only thing I don't understand about those people is that I feel they seem to not understand there own Christology and use St.Cyril miaphysis along with the chalcedonian formula at least that's what I got from what …
  • I'm just trying to find out if athanasius really used that terminology in describing Christ
  • Minasoliman Do you know where I would be able to find it ?
  • u know I always had a funny feeling about abouna Anthony messeh but I didn't know what it was
  • Really where else is it going on
  • Oh okay I understand you know it's hard for me to believe that people would actually have a liturgy And a rich tradition but would rather favor charismatic style worship like what thy did in mokattum it's really saddening and honestly just boggles m…
  • like i mean about orthodox devotional songs are they suppose to be sin during bible studies or something and if they are isn't that kind of copying Protestant praxis but just with orthodox content
  • Oh okay But I just wonder why do we have them
  • I'm assuming it's the same thing as this just read the description But what's the point of them really I'm not against them I'm honestly just asking
  • thank you for the link I'll check it out
    in Cannibalism Comment by Aba March 2017
  • I feel like as orthodox Christians we do have to be a bit conservative in regards to the faith like not letting heretical ideas come into the church but at the same time I feel like some people can go a little far as to the way they go about it for …
  • I'm glad to hear that D Langley I would love to hear more about how u found the Orthodox Church also a good book for you to check out would be a an introduction to the Coptic Orthodox Church by ft.tadros malaty…
  • The church itself is not supposed to be ethnically exclusive this is a problem in the lands of immigration where the churches are so Syriac or so Egyptian there are actually some parishes in the United States that are working on this. Basically th…
  • Hopefully u find an icon of him hey do u guys know where I can find his writings online if there are any ?