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  • Just to add on to what Ophadece said. In the book of Daniel, in the Orthodox/Catholic bible this verse is part of the prayer of Azariah which is in chapter 3. This particular verse is verse 88: “Bless the Lord, Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael; sin…
  • I have very limited knowledge regarding the "ziakon" rank. I most certainly know that a "Full deacon," as we refer to them in North America, is dedicated and consecrated to serving the altar of the lord. This means that deacons are only permitted to…
  • Chi-o-oinee is the text for the Feast of Resurrection liturgy exposition (tar7). It talks about the enlightment of israel due to the resurrection of the risen christ. It is to be said in the tune of the exposition of the doers. There are two melisma…
  • Try this site. God bless
  • Holy week is actually a prime time for confession in my church. I think confession is the only sacrament not ceased during holy week due to the necessity of being ready to meet Christ at any given time. Ask, and you will not be turned away.
  • Congrats!! God bless your new church and make it a source of salvation for many
  • I know this is not a credible source but a pamphlet published by St. Mary St. Athanasius - Nasr City for the 2013 pope visit during a Lent Saturday wrote that Al-el-Orban  is to be said before Alleluia Je-efmevi.What do you guys think?
  • I know this is late but an app on the android play store called "one coptic library" has books transliterated into Arabic. Remember me in your prayers father
  • Glad you asked. This is a lesson by cantor Gad. Hymn
  • It is very unfortunate to hear this coming from you. We currently live in a time where sin is widely prevalent and accepted. Therefore, many priests and youth servants speak openly about this matter. This sermon by Fr. Anthony Mourad might help.
  • Theres over 5 different individuals/groups I can name at the top of my head. Abouna Youssef Asaad recorded them in the most beautiful tune though.