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  • i know that we dont carry our parents sins but i am saying since we dont carry their sins WHY do we carry adam and Eve sins. you know what i mean
  • hey samaan Guys you all give him great advice I loved them all. look samaan its not easy to just stop you going to keep on doing it every day if you don't figure out a way to stop it. if its caused because you come on the computer (Internet…
  • one of u guys said that we fast so we can hold our selfs back from the food you like and the food your body wants. ok lets say that some one likes juce soo much and u can have juce when your fasting...its just an example you can substude juce for a…
  • hey angelofgod since you 2 are really good freinds why dont you study togther maybe you will help her to get good grades too and she will stop. i think she is doing that because she is trying hard to get good grades but you keep on getting higher …
  • hey Wasim: your question are a little weard but i'll answer any way why i love her i dont know? why i think i love her ? i think i lover her because i never cared about any one like i care about her, i never seen some one that love me as much as …
  • thanks everyone for all the help. i understand i think but why does Jesus Christ have to use the terms father, son, holy spirit. :( ???
  • thanks all for the advice Liberated can you plzzz email me and help me more.... plzzzz
  • guys when marrie apears no one can record her on vido. when she appear every person see her in a different way. my mom saw her when she appeard i belive in 1986 or something like that, at the same day and same min my uncle saw her in a different p…