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  • Christos Anesti, I Attend services at St. Michaels Russian Orthodox Cathedral - there is no other Orthodox Church here in sitka - We are Under Sayedna NIKOLAI ruling Bishop of Sitka, Anchorage, and all Alaska- That is one of the reasons I've asked a…
  • Thank you & God Bless all of you for the copies of the Agpeya that I recieved in the mail the other day - they are being put to good use . Keep us in your prayers , as you are in ours. Servant of God - Sava
  • Personal missionary work is exactly what I have in mind. I agree with you on speaking with my confessor. your brother in Christ - Sava
  • That sounds like a great plan to me - all you can do is your best and Let God handle the rest. Your brother in Christ - Sava
  • I'd have to agree that you need to talk to your preist - or ask the Girls to - they should be talking about these things in confession anyway. another alternative to a priest , would be an older member of your parish that you can turn to for spiritu…
  • I hear you christian - and don't let anyone tell you that this has all been one sided - the aggressor being the catholics , at least where the Serbian orthodox church is concerned . I would also like to add that Churchs on all sides have been used a…
  • Thank you geobish, very good website, I didn't know it existed. once again thank you. your brother in Christ - Sava
  • but if any man seemeth to be contentious,we have no such custom, - 1 corinthians 11:16 Its a matter of personal piety - there is a tendency to take pride in how pious we are,yet often we do not internalize what we profess on the surface. personally …
  • Another good book to read is entitled"Heavenly Serbia - from myth to Genocide". I'm suggesting this to you as a way for you to form your own opinion about "Crucified Kosovo" - and the Balkan conflicts. My understanding is that Orthodox only take com…