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  • One of the preists in our church says we call them the deutrocanonicl books, because apocrypha means "lost" and our church doesnt beleive that they are lost, but rather they are part of our current bible.
  • u have to scroll down a bit and ull find it, or the one by trinity in the songs category(english)
  • i learned before that coptic is made up from the greek letters, with, 7 heratic letters added(shai, fai, khai, hori, jenja, chima, tee) and the words themselves are heratic( the egyptian langueage used after heiroglyphic and demotic) atleast thats w…
    in Coptic/Greek Comment by bron3 July 2005
  • [quote author=Rina_07 link=board=1;threadid=1169;start=15#msg19795 date=1107407524] ok i kno the lil thing abt the weight and the palm and stuff but they nailed his palm not his wrist.. well if its bcz of his belief then its different.. but wut abt …
  • well, i hear from a teacher that at that time Jesus was weak, especially when the devil was tempting him in the garden. it said that he sweat both sweat and blood, which is something they didnt know at the time, but that is an extreme medical condit…
  • i think the reason u got that is because those words are derived from other languages, making the enlish translation in the dictionary innacurate
  • its really nice, and speaking of that, my friend also made a site, we live in
  • the song that says "o be careful little eyes what you see" comes to mind, and television isnt a sin, to an extent, like if u watch tv, its not a sin, but if u watch it 2 much and waste time its like a sincuz u coulda done something more beneficial i…
    in Tv Comment by bron3 December 2004
  • love is stronger than hate, one man loved the world so he saved it, the world hated him, but coulkdnt diminish his love
    in Quotez Comment by bron3 December 2004
  • a girl was walking home by herself at night and was terrified. she saw a man in dark clothes, and because she was scared she started doing the sing of the cross. the next morning she reads in the newspaper that a man at the same place she was at the…
    in Miracles Comment by bron3 November 2004