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  • I think this is soooo beautifull and at the time when I read it it explained so much and still does. :)
  • i read that info in the front of one of the tasbeha books, but i still got lost. some of it was done in arabic this week which was better, but i still got lost. anyone got any tips/ tricks on how to flow along and to benefit the most out of it?
    in Tasbeha Comment by flo September 2004
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=1;threadid=273;start=15#msg9665 date=1093758013] I'd definately ask God what his will for my life was... but thats just me... [/quote] definetaly the question i would ask too.
    in Question? Comment by flo August 2004
  • so r u guys all egyptian on here? no sudanese? :( wots it like in the UK or Europe?
  • PrincessMary, excellent reply!
  • another link which may be of help
  • this link has the words for the saint basil liturgy. if you search around the site you may find the one you are looking for. sorry! good luck
  • don't you think that by being very honest with your foc it can lead to problems? like yesterday i had to carry out a decision he asked me to do which ppl didn't like, but when they spoke to him about it he said i made the decision. ppl said some hor…
  • Hi mmatt95, r u going to the one in france in august? i know exactly wot u mean, i went to a uk conference in feb and there was lots of 'coupling' going on. its really annoying cos it really puts me of going.
  • [quote author=youst718 link=board=1;threadid=470;start=45#msg7839 date=1090861077] id liek to say that the only way to get ANYTHING into my brothers head or to get any bad behaviours out of him is to tell my parents.. he has absolutley no repsect fo…
  • [quote author=mtm link=board=1;threadid=431;start=15#msg6660 date=1089589066] just out of u really think someone whos about to rape someone cares what they are wearing? [/quote] i agree with you on that one, cos if someone is in th…
    in rape Comment by flo July 2004
  • [quote author=peet link=board=1;threadid=431;start=15#msg6631 date=1089553164] Well i certainly have an openion. before that thought, i am abit illitrate so i wouldnt know what [glow=red,2,300]ostracized[/glow] is. ....... On the other hand... Some…
    in rape Comment by flo July 2004
  • Personally I agree with the opinion that church people will talk and gossip. Thats exactly what I expect people I know to do, and are extremely likely (to the point of absolute certainty) to gossip. Unfortunately there are people who delight in othe…
    in rape Comment by flo July 2004
  • Hi Guys, can you please pray for me cos I get my results soon from my final year for my degree. and also for my aunt who has cancer. thanks God bless
    in Prayer Requests Comment by flo July 2004
  • sorry guys am new at msg boards, i expected everyone to know wot i mean without telling you. i mean how does the church respond to the victim. cos not a virgin, would they be ostracized? etc.
    in rape Comment by flo July 2004
  • i don't mean the actual act of rape but how the church responds to it. cos whenever we asked about it, we would never get a straight answer
    in rape Comment by flo July 2004